“We're gonna drive him mad?”

“Apparently before I got hired, Suha was some pure sweetheart that wouldn’t hurt a fly. A wide eyed girl with good intentions and an egger’s wallet to play with… Having met her myself? Can’t say I believe that first half. I’ve been acquainted with people with some screws loose, but her? I don’t think they were slotted in to begin… The way she talks, how she presents herself and that smile she puts on is all a cover for some sinister fuckery going on in that head of hers… Now I ain’t a shrink, so I can’t help her with all that… But I will take her money all the same.”

  • Felch Shador

“We’re gonna drive him mad?”

May 4th YC 126

H-PA29 IV - Moon 2 - Guristas Assembly Plant - Residential red light district, Temptations Pleasure Hub. Suha Raibuya’s personal lounge area

“Felch!~ So good of you to show up!~ I apologize for interrupting your R&R…”

“S’all good, so long as we’re talking money Ms.Raibuya.”

“Please!~ Call me Suha!~”

“Whatever you want… Suha.”

< Giggle > Over here!~ By the window…”


< Felch walking over >

“What am I looking at?”

“Oh Nothing particular, just…It’s wonderful from up here!~ Isn’t it?

“What? The amount of pirates down there whoring about?”

“A colorful interpretation to take but…Yes!~

“Well ma’am, what would you call it?”

“Humans seeking companionship!~ Comfort!~ Love!~ Connection!~”



“… So business is good then?”

“Business is great!~ But… Business has always been ‘secondary’ for me, Felch… This is about assisting others to satisfy their human needs!~ To appeal to their own spirit!~ Money merely keeps the lights on and booze stocked…”

“-And keep me employed.”

“Yes-Yes!~ You’re entitled to your payment for your service… Which brings us to why I called for you… I have a very special job for you Flech!~”

“Lay it on me Suha.”

“… There’s this pimp who had previous arrangements with this establishment prior to me taking over… Supplied the means for the workers here to receive new ‘erotic’ augmentations… Let’s just say this pimp didn’t take too kindly to the uh… ‘changes’ I made in the employment policies. Came up here demanding I stick to the deals they made with the previous owners and push their augmentations onto my staff!”

“You told him off I assume?”

“Ohhhhh, I put on such a face for his arguments only to take it off and tell him that I better not see him ever again… I don’t think he took me as seriously as I wanted him to”

“You saw him again?”

“More like heard… He’s around slandering my establishment! Trying to pouch regulars away from here to go to pleasure hubs he supplies with workers and augmentations!

“Say no more, how do you want me to handle him?”

< giggle > With this!~ Something I’ve gotten off a very - VERY - special friend I’ve made in the H-PA crew of late!~”

“… A vial? Of what? Toxins? You want me to poison him?

“Nothing so crude… Something like that would rouse unwanted attention and that’s a definite no-no!~”

“… A drug then?”

“Sorta of a drug… But not quite!~ See, this stuff here makes you go uh… ‘Funny’ in the head!~”

“… Funny in the head?”

“Maybe ‘crazy’ would be more on the nose…< Giggle > Completely goo-goo!~”

“We’re gonna drive him mad?”


“… Well ■■■■, alright. How long does that stuff last for?”

“Oh… Several years. Depends how long he lives for… Which shouldn’t be quite long!~ See, you’re going to take a visit to his favorite pleasure hub on this station… The one directly above us!~”

“The one Helmatt’s Harriers are frequenting?”

“Yes… He thinks he’s safe getting drunk over there under their protection. That’s why you’re going to play pretend a bit and pose as a bartender, a server or… Whatever you have to pose as! Just get close to something he’s drinking, deposit the vial’s content into it and-”

“-He flips his ■■■■ and nuts up in a hub full of Helmatt’s Harriers, gets gunned down and nobody is the wiser?”

“My!~ You catch on quick Felch!~ I suppose that’s why you’re worth every kredit I’ve been paying you…”

“I like to remind my employers why they hire me.”

“Quite right!~ Now… Are you up for this job?”

“Well, why me exactly? Wouldn’t Utatis be better fitted for this kind of hit?”

“Utatis is better at running intel for this … Besides!~ His mug is quite synonymous with me by now. If he was caught on camera, there’s no doubt everything would get traced back to me in record time… You? You’re obscure.”

“Was… Was that a compliment or insult ?”

“Take it as you will!~”

“Alright… So get in, slip this in his drink and report to Utatis?”

“Oh… Utatis doesn’t need to know anything about this. You’re dealing with me afterall, Felch.”

“He doesn’t even know?”

“He supplied all the intel on the target, his habits and movements. This right here? Is exclusively between me and you…”

“Well… Confidentiality comes with its own fee.”

“Goodness! You take any opportunity to bump your rate up, will you?”

“That’s just how I keep ahead Ma’am.”

“Oh fine… You’ll be well compensated for task - AND - your discrepancy… I just have one request.”


“Don’t ■■■■ this up…”


“Because if you ■■■■ this up? Well… This small vial isn’t the only curiosity I’ve gotten from the HP-A Crew…”


“Am I making myself clear Felch?”

“Y-Yes ma’am…”



“…Great!~ Then I will leave this in your care…”

“Alright… Now is there any deadline to this or…?”

“I’d like to see this issue dealt with by the end of the week, but understand if you need time to plan… Keep it close, try not to break it…or do something silly like mistake it for creamer for your coffee in the morning!~”

“Uh… Right.”

“All the info you need will be forwarded to your Neocomm… Now unless you have any more questions? You’re free to go Felch…”

“I’m good, I’ll report back to you when the job is done.”

< Suha clasping her hands together >


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