Were rat bounties nerfed in the last couple of days?

I’ve noticed, for example, that “Gist Saint” is no longer worth 1,2 mil ISK, but just a bit over 700.000 ISK. I can’t find the nerf announced in any dev blog, so I’m wondering whether it’s a bug or a legit nerf. It was worth 1.2 mil just 2-3 days ago.

Since I know how these forums are, a disclaimer - no, I’m not complaining. I’m just looking for some official information about this… to see whether I should file a bug report or everything works as expected.

Indeed it’s 700k Gist Saint - EVE Online Reference

Are you sure you don’t mix it with some other NPC?


You are right… my mistake… I’ve mixed up “Seraphim” and “Saint” : Gist Seraphim - EVE Online Reference

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Closed thread as per request of OP.