CCP nerfed the bounty on EoM Atoning Warrior

HiSec rat had 20m bounty yesterday, down to 5m today.


CCP has been doing that for as long as I’ve been playing this game…

First day the loot rewards are fine so as to get everybody engaging in the content, then within the next day or two they nerf the hell out of it.

And yes, I consider NPC Bounty as part of the loot rewards.


What I heard going around on comms today at least is that someone at CCP got the low sec and high sec bounties reversed so it never should have been the 20 million in the first place.

So it wasn’t a deliberate bait and switch this time, but more indicative of the quality of their employees.

Oh really, is there any documentation to back that up?

And about the quality of CCP’s programming, yeah it’s crap…

random things are notorious for bringing superstitious behavior
but after all this years even i think they change the drop rates over the course of the events
sometimes even increasing some skins drops, decreasing some , adding some ,taking some off

A player posted this video yesterday for running a lowsec EoM rogue capital shipyard. He got 5M for killing the boss, and mentioned that currently in hisec it was 20M (and 10M in null), was likely a mistake that would be remedied at next downtime (12 hrs ago). So, all is in order now :slight_smile:
Near the 6 min mark:

So you’re saying that when CCP activated the event, it was like this:
Null = 10 mil
Low = 5 mil
High = 20 mil

And now it’s:
Null = 20 mil
Low = 10 mil
High = 5 mil

Yeah, doesn’t matter, for the past few years all CCP knows how to do is give out crappy rewards.

The payout now follows the difficulty rating, which is (according to the official announcements) hisec < nullsec < lowsec. So now it’s hisec 5M, nullsec 10M and lowsec 20M

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