Nice to see CCP keeps their promises

So the latest MER is out.

You know, the MER. The thing that shows the NPC bounties.
The thing that showed that courtesy of CCP (jn several iterative game releases) creating NPC capital bounties, nullsec anoms, and buffing supercap and cap abilities , the null sec cartels were wiping out more balance in the economy.
The thing that showed goons alone getting more bounties than the entirety of high sec.

So CCP promised to fix this, because they said there so concerned with the entire economy going haywire.

So let’s see how much those changes affected goons. They took a whopping 10% hit overall to their bounties, from one month to another. Man, those changes really hit them hard.

Of course, the fact that the overall bounties in the entire game went down 9%, probably due to the summer dropoff, we won’t notice that.

Thanks CCP, another promise kept.
Have to maintain that balance were 90% of the wealth is generated for the benefit of 10% of the game.


(a) the fighter change was released on the 13th of the month, and not the first

(b) you have not checked to see whether the pcu dropped by 9% and even if it did, you have no way of correlating that to the subgroup that rats with carriers.

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wouldn’t a 9% drop in activity game-wide explain the 10% drop in NPC bounties. Like, perfectly with a 9% drop in activity and a bit more for the damage reduction

This would only be true if that 9% drop in players happened to be perfectly spread across the entire spectrum of EVE.
And wouldn’t explain things like a 30% drop in Incursions.

The period of the patch is from the 13th. The period of the report is from the 1st.

I’m not sure what that means. Can you explain what the difference is, between the first and 13th, I’m sort of a hardcore hanger-on and not into the math stuff.

CCP mostly backed off on the fighter changes so I wouldn’t expect much of a change in bounties. I’d expect some drop as it is getting into summer and typically people play a bit less, and plenty of people were raging hard enough that they probably farmed less over the month.

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And on another issue, which one can go to the old forums and see the promise made by the GM, how is that ISK removal for ghost training working out?

Yes, I have seen the MER showing how many trillions were removed last month, which includes RMT’ers.
We were promised specifics about how much was diverted to the exploiters, and how it was removed.

And naturally, we have received zero information from CCP on the specifics.
How much ISK was diverted to ghost trainers in the first place?
How much of that ISK was confiscated?
How many transactions deep did CCP go in following the money?
Did CCP confiscate assets if the exploiters had converted that cash into assets?

Given the time frame we are dealing with, and the general sophistication of the people doing this exploiting, if CCP has not caught them now, they won’t be catching them at all.

So how about it CCP?
Ate you going to give us a breakdown, or will this be another broken promise?

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CCP made a strategic mistake with the IWI affair.

They created a story that goes:

“The richest man in EVE declared war on the largest Alliance and made it bite the dust for a while; then CCP headshot the richest man in EVE and all little indians learned that if you mess wih the Goons, CCP will mess with you”

It doesn’t matter if it’s true; it’s the story. CCP was afraid that gaming sites were unbalancing, and they ended up with carrier ratting galore as the EVE blogosphere dimmed for no gain.

EVE is going away with a meh.


Incursion are hard to really judge on the MER because it can vary wildly depending on where the RNG spawned them.

Because CCP’s Goonswarm favoritism doesn’t go a few years back and only started after WWB, right?

Saltiness detected.

[quote=“Indahmawar_Fazmarai, post:9, topic:8675”]
“The richest man in EVE declared war on the largest Alliance and made it bite the dust for a while; then CCP headshot the richest man in EVE and all little indians learned that if you mess wih the Goons, CCP will mess with you”[/quote]
They only banned them after the war when IWI did not wanted to pay anymore and continue to fuel the war. CCP was very well aware that IWI was RMTing the ISK away, but they were useful at the time to make the game interesting again in an otherwise stagnant nullsec thanks to FozzieSov. Once that was gone they banned them.

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Like, I know this is a Dinsdale thread, so I shouldn’t be surprised at a high tinfoil quotient, but still guys… really?

When CCP announced the next round of Rorqual nerfs it was “OMG CCP is gunning for teh Goons!” and now we’re looking back at IWI and it’s “OMG CCP are defending the goons!” Can we at least keep our tinfoil tuned to the same station for more than a few days people?

Going to give me whiplash… :roll_eyes:

My comment had absolutely nothing to do with the Goons, but with CCP using IWI to fix the game instead of banning them right away and reverting the failure which is FozzieSov.

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Having them revert the sov changes was never a realistic expectation.

It’s far more likely that CCP simply didn’t have evidence of IWI engaging in RMT at that point. Knowing that someone is doing something in your gut is significantly different than having proof that they’re doing it, and CCP needs the latter before they can ban a group like IWI.

Now if only people needed proof to post kooky conspiracy theories on the forums… :zipper_mouth_face:

NullSec ratting will always be a broken and unbalancing ISK faucet unless there is an accompanying ISK sink - like with missions and incursions.

Maybe they should make it so FW can buy xxx items with LP, hisec missions can by yyy items with LP, and nullsec rats give tags you turn in for LP which you can use to buy zzz items.

All of CCPs “plans” for NullSec have backfired. Making it so that a small area of space can support hundreds of ratters didn’t encourage groups to “contract” and make room for more players - it just encouraged this huge unbalanced inflation we have, with a single region being able to support hundreds of simultaneous ratters 23/7. That’s ridiculous.

Maybe it’s time for a resource balance pass between high/low/null and change the way new ISK enters the game (makes sense for most new ISK to enter from hisec and sink in null, and for the best resources to come from null).


Anyone who beleive your tinfoil stuff is a moron. The reason IWI are gone is because of the legal repercussion of having gambling associated with your games. See what happened with steam and CS:GO skins.

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So you’re continuing to completely ignore the whole, “And further nerfs to carrier ratting are coming soon,” statement because it doesn’t fit your wharrgarrbly null-cartel conspiracy narrative, eh?

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Wouldn’t this have more to do with how garbage the bounties in hi sec are? You could mine plagioclase in a Macinaw and make better money than most (hi sec) ratters.