WH C5 Loot Split App

I don’t claim to be original, but lately I’ve been greatly concerned about the issue of reward distribution among players during C5 wormhole farming. It was particularly frustrating when the composition of the group changed during the farm, making the reward distribution process even more complex.

I’ve seen various solutions, mostly based on Excel, but they turned out to be inconvenient and difficult to maintain for me. That’s why I created a small calculator for myself and decided to share it with everyone: https://www.wh-loot-split.space/ :kissing_heart:

Guys, I would appreciate your feedback, and I’ll add more functionality as needed. Fly safe!

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Not bad, but I’ll suggest a few things:

  1. Add the ability to enter your own blue loot numbers instead of specifying the number of anomalies. In some situations, not all blue loot can be taken, etc.

  2. Also, for convenience, you need to add a copyable number of the amount of money given to the pilot, so as not to make a mistake in the set of numbers

  3. Add a percentage of sales tax (VAT) and tax in general, if necessary. 4-8 percent that will be lost in the direct sale of NPCs should be taken into account, and some corporations or alliances require tax for their needs.

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Thanks for the first feedback, Its very important for me :pray: I’ll add this functionality soon :ok_hand:

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