[WH Industry} Intergalactic Mining seeking industralists

Here at Intergalactic Mining, we strive to be the primer wormhole based industrial team.

The road isn’t easy.

Everyone around us is looking to kill us.

You’ll be told that PVE is more profitable.

You’ll hear that PVP is more fun.

You’ll feel that High Sec is safer.

You’ll see the large organizations roaming null sec building their empires.

You’ll smell whatever’s rotting in the bin while you’re racing through low-sec.

But there are those out there that are looking for something different. Looking for a challenge, for a tight knit group of players to just have fun with. Someone has to replace the losses in PVP. Someone has to supply the ammo and ships for PVE. High Sec may seem safe, until those gankers come while you’re in the bathroom. Null Sec may have their large sections of “secure” space, but that will just place you as another cog in their machine.

If you’re seeking a challange, Returning to Eve, or a brand new player seeking a more complex form of Industry You’ve come to the right place. Together with our allies we are living the true frontier life, building a new home for ourselves deep in the forgotten realms of space. What we build is fully dependent on our own skill and initative, and we need those willing to push past their comfort zone and really dig into true frontier living.

So, Why not take out the bin, and take a chance at life on the edge?

Here at IM, we are centered on a US/AU time zone focus, but have allies across all zones with us, and are seeking to expand. We aren’t going to force you into a fixed mold, but give you the chance to seek out new and better ways to conduct industry. And of course, you are free to do PVE, PVP, High Sec Ops, Raid Null Sec, or anything else you desire on the side.

Because at Intergalactic Mining, We Strip Worlds.
-Jobie Thickburger, CEO IM

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