WH Mechancis Question

If a group is evicting another from a Wormhole, I read somewhere that to p**s off the people doing the evicting you deliver your ships and modules etc to a person in their fleet so that when the structure gets destroyed, if they destroy the ships afterwards then the killmail is on them, is that correct?

If I interpret your difficult to read text correctly, you want to deliver one of your ships to me on my citadel in a wormhole, and after that you shoot the station to destroy this ship.
This is only possible if you have docking rights to this staion, as “Deliver to” only works within the staion.

yes, if you are not able to defend your station, then you can deliver all your ships to other ppl and they cant get them out of this structure. If the Structure is gone, then they would kill their own ships. But it doesnt work with “good” ships. Every hull they are worth to sell or use, they wouldnt kill anyway.
It just make sense with noob ships or shuttles, maybe with a shitload of t1 frigates.

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Thanks at @Vuhdo_Rin the other reply I found difficult to read.

Make sure its a ton of t1 frigs or even shuttles. An attacking force wont be bothered to spend hrs picking up 100s of shuttles but there are many ppl out there that would be happy to spend 15 mins o pop them just to get the cheap but free kill mails

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