WH Moons

Surveyed 50 moons in my WH, but they all seem almost equivalent in value. Is the moon variation much less now after all the updates?
How does one pick the best to mine?

It’s my understanding that WH moons are the same as HS moons. With all the recent changes, HS moons has standard ore removed, which means all they have left are the 4 Ubiquitous Moon Ores.

I think the market for these moon ores is fluctuating to line up with the new industry changes, so I am not sure which is the best to setup a refinery on.

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All moons in wh are r4 just like hs. Kind of stupid imo but that is how it is. Not worth setting up in there when you can get the same value from HS and have half the worry about ganks.

Not so. They still have standard ores too.

For now… :roll_eyes:

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