WH Question

Is a wormhole inside a wormhole accesible only within the parent wh or can be accessed by both parent wh and somewhere else?

Don’t treat it as a wormhole “inside” another wormhole.
Treat them as individual systems (just like K-Space).

To answer your question, they can be accessed by other wormhole connections.

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Confusingly, the term “wormhole” actually has two meanings in EVE.

  • There is the wormhole connection, which is a temporary gate between two systems.
  • There is the wormhole system, which is a system (usually called J123456 or similar) which can only be accessed through wormhole connections.

The systems are permanent, the connections are not. Together they make an ever changing map of wormhole space (the so called wormhole chain, wormholes connecting to wormholes connecting to wormholes, etc…) A wormhole chain can have several exits to known space (k-space, high/low/null sec.)

In general

  • Low class wormholes (C1 to C3) will always have at least one connection to k-space.
  • C4 wormholes can only, and rarely, have frigate only (Q003) connections to null sec. A C4 will never have a regular connection to k-space.
  • High class (C5, C6) wormholes will sometimes have direct connections to k-space, but in general you’ll have to scan out a chain if you want to get out.

Each wh is accessible from both sides with the same size of ships. it always collapses simultaneously on both sides.
Every WH-System (J-System) has static wormhole connections, so there is always a way out. That does not mean the wh stays forever, but it has a givent time to live (16 - 24h ± 2h), after that it collapses, and it has a given amount of tonnage of ships, that can pass through it - when this number is exceeded, the wh collapses, too. But If a static wh collapses, a new one with the same features but to a different destination of the same class emerges within a minute. E.g. a C2 with static Highsec has always a wh to a highsec system, but that system changes every day/with every collapse: sometimes in The Forge, sometimes in Verge Vendor, but also sometimes in Solitude.
In most cases there are additional wh connections to the whole variety of systems (highsec, lowsec, nullsec, but most times other J-Systems). They appear coincidentally, but stay until their time or maximum amount of tonnage is reached.

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