How do you buy a hole?

Havent played eve for a long time, since before wormholes, long time. I see that people are selling wormholes. How exactly do you OWN a wormhole? How is it transferred? Do the WH’s not decay and disappear?

If I am a loner by nature in the game, wouldn’t a WH by definition be the place for me to mine and produce to my hearts content?

Thanks for listening to my newb questions.

Buying a WH basically means you pay someone for the “work” to find an wormhole system and do some basic research about potential residents living in the system or lack thereof. You pretty much pay for a bookmark of the wormhole leading into this system and that’s it.

A corporation owns a wormhole system by living in it. They put up citadels or POSses, and bring in enough people and firepower to discourage other people from putting up citadels and/or taking out yours.

If you find an empty wormhole, you can sell it by logging off a scanning alt inside. Once you’ve found a buyer, he scans his way out and transfers the necessary bookmarks. Often there is a middleman involved trusted by both sides of the transaction that holds the buyer’s cash until it is verified that the bookmarks are valid and the hole is truly empty.

Alternatively, your corp might already be living in a wormhole but wants to move out. In that case you might sell the wormhole including all the infrastructure (citadels, POCOs, etc…) and save you and the buyer the hassle of taking down and putting up everything.

So If i understand the system correctly.

  1. Wormholes themselves do not decay, only their entrances come and go? If you are living in one it wont go away completely?

  2. If i discover one on my own, at some point another capsuleer will stumble upon the wormhole and if they are more powerful than i am can simply displace me?

  3. Can a single human hold a wormhole indefinitely?

Yeah, confusingly both wormhole connections and wormhole systems are referred to as ‘wormholes’. The connections are temporary, the systems are just starsystems without any gates. They can only be reached through wormhole connections.

Living in one is not really a solo activity, although it’s possible. Putting up a citadel requires a corporation. Once you have a citadel in a WH it takes a group of people 3 days to take it down. It happens, but people will usually need a good reason.

Seems that in going by the topic title I managed to completely misinterpret things. I was going to say something for the space nerds along the lines of how to get a girlfriend that plays eve so you get three for the price of one but …

So if i like to mine and produce, could i plant myself in a citadel in a C5 and is it likely that i could leave a normal eve life, or should i be prepared to get ganked regularly? Thanks for the reply Trevor.

In wormhole space you should always expect to get ganked regularly, it’s one of the main facets of wormhole life.

A solo miner will get ganked a lot, but if you’re with a group and know what you’re doing your losses should be low enough that it’s easily covered by your income.

If you only want to mine, a C1 or C3 with a low or null sec static is typically very quiet, and I suspect a better option than a C5.

Staying relatively safe in a wh is made difficult by the absence of local (people in system are not visible).

It is possible to do alone, but you would most likely need several accounts. (google ‘hole control’ (not the alliance, but the method))

Logistics is also a challange in wh space, especially if you are mining. NPC null is probably better.

And no one can own a wh. People just put up their structures and feel like they do. It is still free for anyone else to put up more buildings and move in.

That being said, wh space is wonderful. Go for it!

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Yeah… go and try that with an active WH group… With carebears it’s certainly possible, but if they can’t defend against some random planting a citadel, I wouldn’t say they “owned” the hole in the first place.

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to clarify: There is no game mechanic in place to allow players to own a wh. When i say ‘free for anyone else’ I of course assume they have the manpower needed.

Also, OP is talking about solo living, so having someone else move in can happen easy.

Indirectly there is: wormhole connections have mass limits on them, in this sense a defender can have a greater mass of ships in his home than an invader can bring in. The extreme case of this is having capitals in a low class WH for home defense.

Misread the context. Thought the answer to the topic title’s question was marriage. Oops.

I, too, wondered about the title, but my would-be-proposed solution wouldn’t be as cruel and crippling as marriage.

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