[WH] Your Astrahaus is destroyed when your logged off

If you are logged off (you left your toon docked up) and your Astrahaus is destroyed.

NOTE: You live in a Wormhole.

What happens to you when you log back in:

Are you in a pod?

Are you in your ship, next to the Astrahaus wreck?

Are you podded back to your clone?

Completely safe in a citadel. Just build 2 in the hole with timers spread out.

If you are docked and logged off in a Citadel when it explodes or is unanchored, you appear at a random place somewhere in that system in your ship the next time you log in. This is how it works in k space, but I don’t see why it would be any different in a wormhole.

I’m not sure, but to answer your question of why it wouldn’t be any different, is that K-Space has asset safety, J-Space doesn’t.

Ah yes, that it true. Still, I am almost certain that asset safety or lack of it doesn’t apply to the current ship you are in. You always spawn randomly in the system when you next log in if you were docked in a Upwell structure that explodes or is unanchored.

Would be nice for someone who has experienced this in wormhole space to chime in though.

Yes, seems there is very little information on the subject.

I’m thinking if you are going to be AFK for a few days, might be an idea to load everything into a few piloted / docked Orcas as ‘Asset Safety’.

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