Astrahaus = WH Magnet?

So, this has happened to me twice in a row now. I get hole control, drop an Astrahaus, within an hour a C4-C5 hole pops with 5 AU’s of the building Astra. Of course, the far side is guarded so no hope of rolling it, Just have to watch as my 1.2 billion investment goes poof into someone else’s pocket. Just wondering if this is just bad luck on my part, or is this a working as designed mechanic? If so, how to mitigate the possibility of a hole popping so close to my station. Also, a plea for CCP to take a look at re-balancing the deployment mechanic a little more in the station owners favor. Maybe remove the advertisement of “Hey everyone, my undefended station will available for your attention at this time” advertisement feature.

What does “hole control” mean to you?


This last bit is actually intended. You are supposed to have space superiority in order to deploy a structure. Not to mention that anyone could attack it later anyway with it’s proper timers, unless you somehow have a defense fleet for that but not the initial drop.

Not exactly a wormhole thing but I think it applies as well.

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Also, there is no need to put the core in there until the AH as anchored which then you’d have the choice not to fit it if a new sig pops. You’d only lose 600m.

I’d like to know the answer from Siebmordan’s question as well.

Are you a one man corp? I think the size of the corps matters. If you dont pose a threat the why not.

It means all unwanted entrances are closed, and other’s are either reduced or critical and a high degree of probability that no unwanted guests are lurking around.

Sounds to me like you lacked control, nor did you have sufficient defending forces during that critical time frame.

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Knowing the mass and time on a WH is not really control. You may find it useful to have the ability to close an unwanted wh even in the face of hostile forces.

Use a POS.

However I can understand your frustration, some serious bad luck there.

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