What about a new ore along with a new mechanic?

I have been mining a bit more than usual lately and I have been thinking about a new ore.
It would be called helloxium and, as the name suggests, it would be pretty hot.

A new mechanic could be added such as temperature to make handling ore a bit more active. (i guess) It would function like this: once the ore is mined, the armor or hull begins to take damage or otherwise degradate. New modules could be added for combatting this nasty effect, such as a new refrigeration container to keep the ore in a controlled environment so it doesn’t damage the hull/armor. (They could have limited use…)
There can also be a new module that can be installed to chill the cargo area, thus slowing the degradation process caused by the hotness of the ore. Could be 2 different modules: a passive one that applies a small reduction or an active one that drastically reduces the effect of degradation. They could also function as modules that can prevent damage caused due to overloading racks.

This ore would require miners to maybe handle their ores a bit more carefully. Jettisonning might not cut it for too long.
Helloxium could also be useful as a temperature-resistant ore, having some new ships that require it for passive overloading buffs or damage reduction.

I am not, by any means, what one would call “good” at this game as of now. Please don’t judge too hard.

Maybe have it give of traceable radiation, so miners carrying it show up on overviews/scanners like cynos.

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If this ore would be most commonly found in low or null, we could possibly be seeing something here that actually motivates a bigger use of Rorquals, right now I am not sure how the situation is if people use Rorquals or only big corps with cloaked alts scouting on other systems, but if the modules were specific for the industrial command ships we could be seeing them used much more, maybe the Rorqual would need the module to cool down the ore and stuff, miners would need to dump the ore frequently due to the danger of damaging the hull and giving an actual interaction, dunno, but looks like a neat little idea to spice things up in mining.

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eve doesn’t like DOTs its why you only really see one in the old mission with the cloud

You mean a special bay like an Ore Hold?
We already have special ore holds.
And the hull & armour of our ships takes nuclear explosions and antimatter hits.

I mean a new module that installs a special bay. Not necessarily built-in as other ships have the Ore Hold. Helloxium would damage that module over time or would damage the armor/hull of the ship if not the module. I also talked about the module that chills the cargo areas to reduce damage done over time.

The mechanics of this ore is implicitly this: mine real fast, then get it into a station before your ship melts.

I’m not sure how that’s any different to: mine real fast, then get it into a station so you can mine some more.


Thing is some mining barges take longer to fill up from what I know and some people even go completely AFK, leaving their computer on while at work or stuff. If you wanna mine this you have to be more active.

Helloxium could also help in the construction of thermal-resistant ships and drones, to help in combat.

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