What about private servers?

I was thinking about some revolutionary ideas for Eve.
I had none.
But this weird idea.
What if people could host some private servers, and invite some groups here and there
to partecipate to some medium.small scale battles, as if it was Singularity, but just
a single system, with some full scale battles?
Red vs Blue team, maybe planetary interaction, free ships, etc, in the beginning maybe some
scenario like context, and then the battle system if working and people would show
interest, building the way up?

I’m thinking short battles, maybe 30min-1 hour max, repetitives arenas, but loads of ships, maybe a Titan battle. Would be only a cool eyesight or could it prove a good pub move for Eve and CCP
that all could infer some benefits?

Just thinkin.

JFC, no…this isnt removing sand…this is purpose getting a backhoe diggin up the whole box and throwing it in the nearest river.

go to wh space, become a merc, go take some nullspace…we dont need anymore stupid arena crap


Arenas are meant to be experienced on Tranquillity, not on a private server space.
BUt your idea is not bad, if suddenly the private server could inherit a temporary
null-sec or WH system inside Singularity… I didn’t think it that way…

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If you download EvE on piratebay, just run Singularity.exe.

check out Elite Dangerous, they have this feature, and the result is a totally deserted open-play in a universe that has billions of stars, (where, unless you going to a trade hub, you almost never meet anyone) you can’t even meet half of your friends because they always play in some other instances.

plus this is also a breeding ground for false security, where people just go on a private instance to bypass some dangers. basically turning yourself in a NPC that pays for electricity.

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I’m not sure about using EVE assets, but CCP is open sourcing the Carbon engine and is writing proper documentation for it.