What am I doing wrong?

First time trader here. I’ve been watching YouTube videos getting my head around things and have jumped in using Adam 4 Eve and the in-game market graphs.

So far, I’m buying and selling Filaments and some ammunition / tech 1 modules however my turnover is extremely low - Around 1m isk/day.

My process is as follows;
check Adam 4 Eve to determine margin spreads. Find items of interest and then open them up in game. From here I look at the buy / sell quantities and overall turnover of the item as well as how much competition there is. I have been buying around 50% of the quantity traded per day as per the market numbers and then sitting on it until my order is filled to then sell.

Any advice on increasing daily turnover, and therefore profit, would be greatly appreciated!

Check out this guy. He also has a twitch channel (and probably a discord dedicated to trade chat).

And, I haven’t looked recently, but ammunition and tech 1 modules tended to have small margins and relatively low turnover outside of career agent systems with markets in them. Try taking a look at meta variants of items (i.e. 5MN YT-8 Compact Microwarpdrive). They drop as generic mission loot that people will sell for cheap, can have relatively wide margins considering what you pay for them, are usually superior to T1 variants, are low SP friendly, and can’t be built by industrialists. Good item categories to look at for meta items are those where the T2 variants have really high fitting requirements (i.e MWD’s) or high skill requirements (i.e. armor tanking mods which require hull upgrades V) -which makes the meta variants extremely popular. You might have some luck with certain faction stuff as well. Naturally, some things can be expensive to get into, but this isn’t always the case (i.e. sisters core probes).

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Why not look into buy orders in outer areas of high sec then shipping it to a hub? This is how I made my first 20b. Takes time to gather everything up, but you can buy at a discount.

There’s no reason to do this. Sell anything you get as quickly as you can. When you’re building your wallet you want to flip items ASAP - any ISK tied up in orders or inventory is ISK that isn’t multiplying.

The only reason to delay selling is if you’re limited by order slots.

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