Returning to the game and looking for market advice

I’m returning after a while gone.

My story is easy, on and off Null player, I no longer have time for null as it seems RL takes over. In the mean time I have grown an interest in playing the markets. I want to buy and sell goods and do well at it. So I am looking for any and all tools I could use. I am willing to spreadsheet but since I have been going with out a community I am at a loss as to how this game even plays anymore. Any and all help is much appreciated.

Thank you guys

Spreadsheets are not essential, but having a nose for the market is essential:

  • Don’t invest too much in one item, spread out to maybe 20 items for a start
  • Profitability of an item is the product of (size of margin * turnover). Or more simply, in the long term (price * turnover) but with profitability being downsized by competition.
  • Try to learn (and predict) the cyclical nature of prices
  • Decide how you will deal with those that update their orders every 5 minutes. a) do the same, b) wait them out, or c) make your own prices.

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