What are crab people?

I see people talking about them but i don’t know what they are.

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People who rat all day and never PVP.

Also known as carebears.


Guys without balls.


Crabbers are people who rather make themselves available for PVP rather than sitting in station waiting for a ping for a fleet.


They walk like crab, talk like people


crab people is a southpark reference

From what I’ve heard krab comes from the Russian community and is what they used to describe carebears. and it has stuck with most of the rest of the community.

time to go krabbing - time to go make some isk
krab for a super - grind isk to buy a super
caught some krabs last night - caught some people running pve sites


Wow, I’ve never heard that terminology here in Eve, guess I should go visit the ‘Great Wildlands’ more often.


My first thought after reading that was go see a doctor.



They taste like crab, not walk. You clearly never met a crab person in your life.


We refer to it as Krabbing, with a K.

This is just another term for ratting/mining in null sec, but usually refers to doing it on a massive scale. This might be in the form of a fleet of alts, or just using capital ships to do PvE.

It usually means ratting with carriers or mining with Roquals.

For many, the term equates to achieving ‘dank ticks’ compared to the much more modest income of a ‘normal’ ratter or miner.

Attacking the PvEr’s again I see. Why don’t you go attack another PvPer instead of attacking PvEr’s?

The problem is that PvPer’s can’t deal with the constant grind of running missions as well as wanting to draw PvEr’s into a fight knowing that they can’t fight just to pad their killboard with cheap and easy kills.

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I believe they are going extinct because of loss of habitat.

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PVPers always get attacked more. What are you talking about? Its as if you are disjointed from reality.

hahahahahaha love southpark…

Before it was krabbing (note the K) it was jewing.
The russians use the word “krabbit” for jewing.

This is how farmers turned into krabs/krabbers and why you see people being called crabs, or crabbers.
It should be a K at the beginning, but people just mindlessly parrot everything … and often wrong.

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