What is a 'krab' or 'krabbing'?

From the context a ‘krab’ seems to be something like a ‘carebear’ or a PvE type, particularly a nullsec ‘carebear’/PvE/ISK-focused pilot. ‘Krabbing’ seems to be doing ISK-making out in nullsec (ratting, mining, etc). But I don’t know for sure.

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You answered your own question

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Back in the day, it was harder to make money actually doin stuff in null. Most people had L4 mission running alts to income with. But years ago, CCP rightfully boosted earning potential of actually doin stuff in Null, thus the proliferation of the age of “Krabbin” had begun.

Its just a way of describing the natural risk mitigation efforts of anybody pveing in risky space!

But what’s the reference to ‘crab?’ Is it supposed to invoke imagery of crab hunting or something (i.e. some kind of ‘farming’)?

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AFK farming is NOT “actually doing stuff”.

Also: doing*

Yes, krabs scurry off back into their hidey holes and nooks and crannies with a defensive posture when you get close.


There are a number of explanations in this r/eve thread from a few months ago:

It pretty much covers the origin of the term.

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Good - thanks.


I would have figured they would call them turtles or squid.

Because if you are going to dock up as soon as a red enters system you arent really a crab, but a turtle or a squid.

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They can only be a squid if they have an ECM burst… and that they turn it on before warping.


No one I know particularly likes krabbing whether it be mining, missions, sites, PI, anoms or whatever. It’s more of a means to get isk for toy with the end goal being pvp. And for many industrialists, mining, PI, reactions, hauling etc. is a means to make and sell stuff.

Ships and modules typically don’t magically appear in your hangar. Someone has to mine and build them or crab for meta/special modules or ship blueprints. You can’t buy such ships without isk. You have to earn isk or buy/sell plex. Even if you are scamming or running some racket you still have to work for it.

My comments are for activities within CCP’s terms of services.

Besides, crabbing creates content. Sometimes you’re the wolf and other times the sheep.

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