Thinking about the Krabs. Part Deux

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The point I make in the original post is that millennials are spending less, because they have less to spend. The golden age of EVE won’t be back just yet. So ‘PLEX to win’ won’t fly too well.

After some actually quite useful discussion I’m gonna precis here.

  1. To my knowledge Null has ISK & Ore Mountains. And all ISK comes from Bounties paid.

  2. The Rorq being so easy to multi-box has lead to huge amounts of Supers showing up, as well as A LOT of Titans, & people are now trying to dial that back.

  3. Black-out is making it really easy to kill off Myrmidon ratters, so simply isn’t generating the ‘good fights’ that make Null fun ( a fight where you actually stand a vague chance, instead of boring guaranteed death ). Bored rich kids in T3’s killing off newbs is… Utterly daft, let’s put it that way.


Null has a charm. You work for a man, take your chances, and have some excitement. Both big AND small can fly. In fact sub-caps are important in Null Fleets.

But… Those Mountains.

So here is the latest suggestions, based on chats in the original thread:



  1. Concord run Local, charging the Local Sov for Local chat & id services. If you pay it’s on. If you don’t pay it’s off. The Sov chooses. Seeing as Concord is the source of the ISK in game ( Bounties ) having Concord take some ISK out is a decent economic lever when you have an ISK surplus.

  2. If Concord run Local then they can be bribed. A rival sov could bribe Concord to not flag up their incoming fleet in Local chat for, I dunno, 1 hr. That would be a fun mechanic. War Dec Plus!

  3. Local has to come back in Null. See points 1 & 2. If you want sub-caps for Fleets they have to be able to duck & dodge somehow to grind their ISK as they wait for the skill-queue to give them their first Capital. Bored rich kids in T3’s killing off newbie sub-cap Pilots is just lame, and it is far too easy at present.

  4. Asset safety stays. If the structure goes (((kaboom!))) then you have to pay Concord to get your stuff back. Another way to control the ISK surplus.


Ore time…

  1. Restrict it. Amount spawned per 24 hrs. Restrict it.

The thing about the cyno nerf is that friendly ratters & krabbers can all hang in the same system and protect each other. So it won’t bite. And when that system is empty the fleet moves next door. Like a roaming herd. So, ultimately, it has to be about restricting Ore Supply at the source. As Rorqs just munch that stuff up.

  1. Bomber’s Bar, Leshak Whaling Fleets, bombing excavs, they all help in smashing up those minerals. Which is good, and in places Newbie friendly. And if someone hires BB or Spectre Fleet then maybe they’ll bribe Concord in Null too…


I know the mountains need dealing with, but fragging the sub-caps just doesn’t fix anything.

2p deposited :slight_smile:

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How about you post it in one of the other threads rather than making another one?


And it is still bollocks. Go away.


All this trolling, as rival games to EVE start to emerge…

Oh cool. Seriously, which games? Anything that is a serious attempt at trying the formula again is worth a look.

P.s. Probably shouldnt have gone with ageism imho.

Name one.

EvE, at 16 years old, has already won the video game longevity medal. Nothing can change that.

Many games have been touted as “Ahp - this is it! This one will kill EvE!” Yet many of them are themselves dead, and obviously none of them killed EvE.

EvE will of course end someday, but whether that is tomorrow or ten years from now, it’s already made a lot of fun for a lot of people.

So…not worried one way or another…

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Under 20k log-in average now. You may just get your wish…

actually the number of paying customers has been below that for quite some time.

Now I think they are trying to restore the damage they did by giving Null sec everything for so many years, in the hope of getting those players back.

It’s not my wish for EvE to end. Where the heck did you get that idea? Oh well.

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Null didn’t have everything. You could still die. I did a-plenty. But the Null ISK & Ore Mountains did become a problem.

Making Null so rough to fly hurts players that are not that powerful more than it hurts the big-boys. I think that that is the key issue here. Who on earth flies for 6 months constantly losing? Null could be good for a newb once they have 7-8m skill points up their sleeve. Now you need a good 20-30m.

I am now aware that they want to help newbs more in High Sec. Sounds like a plan. So that said newbs can rustle up the Skillpoints needed for Null adventures. Where once a VNI worked now you need an Ishtar. And max skills in said Ishtar are certainly needed, to replace any assault frigates you fly ( as Kiki’s slaughter them ).

A new minimum standard for Null can work, but… Only if High Sec paves the way. Krabs eh? No-one flies for 6 months just to lose over & over. There has to be a whiff of something.

I am a millenial (okay… admittedly, early end… see my reply to your earlier post) I earn enough to afford my sub, any ISK I make I use to fund my PVP (and PVE losses, I just don’t have that much of those…) I fly a T3, I kill newbs when I find them (and getting killed like this is how I learned to earn my ISK safely), and:

is indeed utterly daft, just not for for the reasons you think. I’m not a “bored rich kid”, neither 3 words apply to me.

Back when there was Local, so the newb at-least had some chance. My point.

I’m pro-subscription myself, and did also learn this way. When there was Local. I took heavy losses, and slowly but surely improved my game.

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