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I was reading a thread earlier today(can’t remember which one) and someone posted a pic showing a hold full of loot and all of the minerals it reprocced into. I accidentally closed the page and can’t find it. I THINK it was in the context of not being able to mine or do stuff in null. Anyway, if anyone can guide me back to that I’d be very appreciative. I wanted to ask about how the loot in the photo was acquired, because I’d be interested in leaving hisec for null if there’s money to be made in salvaging and reproccing.

I also wouldn’t mind getting into ratting(does that imply belt rats only, or does it include anoms/sites/etc?) in a carrier or dread, but I don’t want to skill up to that and jump into it without getting some guidance first. I don’t care about getting rich, I only need to make enough money to keep a spare ship in the garage.

Also, what’s a Krab in eve context?

I generally use it to describe a playstyle of sitting at the bottom of a production tree shoving ore into its maw and pooping isk for very little benefit to any other seagoing animals or any spiritual enrichment of itself.


I blow stuff up, then loot and salvage. I sell the salvage and the loot that brings in a good price. I reproc the rest of the loot and sell the ore. In the event I get enough zydrine, I make some ammo for myself. It’s that krabbing?

think of krabbing as more of a mindset.

it describes a playstyle where the player’s only goal is to fatten their own personal wallet at every expense. it can show itself in many ways.

it could be some high sec mission runner who just PVEs and does nothing else, focusing 100% of their effort to doing nothing but making the isk number in their wallet bigger.

it could be someone in a nullsec alliance who chooses not to join a home defense and continues to mine because “my alliance mates will take care of me, I don’t have to contribute”

etc. etc.also, you should just block @Aiko_Danuja so you don’t see their troll comments. hes part of some weird role playing corp so just ignore him.

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Calling someone a Krab is a polite way of being bigoted, more or less.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


As a solo pve player, I may be a krab. I know I’m not a carebear because I’m not risk averse or anti pvp, im just not interested in pvp, but I wasnt sure what krab meant.

If I’m doing pve and get popped, then no biggie. I know what game I’m playing.

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Back to my main topic, does anyone remember the pic I was looking for or the thread it was posted in?

Yeah, that sounds a lot like me. Currently hisec, one day I’ll get back into wh and also check out null.

Removed some off topic posts. Knock it off.


Oh, goody! Looks like a chance to post an EvE meme I like by Pix ‘nice mtu you got there…be a shame if anything happened to it’ Severus:

Looting stuff, yes…salvaging…*meh

it includes the other stuff. I’m not trying to be mean…but are you sure you would be ready to fly a dread or carrier around?

A krab in EvE context is pretty much as folk above said (especially Scoots Choco…just ignore the slander against Her Majesty Queen Aiko, though… :wink: )


Ha! Love the meme, especially the list near the end.

I wouldn’t be ready anytime soon. I’m sticking with Caldari ships and missiles. But eventually I’ll have all my raven and drake skills at max and I’ll look for something else.

I’ve always been drawn to naval/cap shop combat as opposed to fighter combat, so pve in a carrier or dread would be fun. However, my preferred play style does not make me a lot of money quickly(which in ok with) so next would probably be AF or HAC if they’re pve viable, because of initial affordability vs a marauder.

To move to null, I think I’d probably have to find a corp that’s willing to put up with my limited pay time and be ok with me contributing in the form of taxes or loot rather than being able to show up for scheduled fleet Ops. My question here was the start of preliminary research on the subject. I’m not going to make that isk and skill training commitment before researching weather or not my idea is even viable.

Can I still be a krab if I have no sympathy for the people who want hisec safe or want risk free mining/pve in eve? Because I’m totally against that ■■■■.

No because…

Thats like 8 things you do, and you do much more with the raw mats than sell em to your Alliance Rep, so no def not a krab, from what you say there.

I dont deny this at all.

But dont mean they aint krabs

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It’s definitely a lot better than fattening up somebody else’s wallet.

Funny how you say that like it’s a bad thing, especially since it’s a big part of CCP’s advertisement.


Agreed with DeMichael that Scoots description, as stated, basically translates to: “Playing EVE the way CCP says it’s meant to be played”. Me first, ISK is everything, everyone else is cannon fodder.

Rather than trying to define what it means in general terms, just watch where and when people use it and define it by context. On that basis, krabbing generally appears to mean “playing EVE with minimal attention in order to exploit any opportunity to pile up large amounts of ISK while barely interacting with the game.”

Repetitive, low-engagement farming of any niche that provides low-risk, low-engagement, high ISK. Essentially, one step away from botting for ISK.

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You can re-open closed tabs, in reverse order of closing, pressing CTRL+SHIFT+T.


Hey! Where’s that comic strip from?
Why do I only get to see this now? D:

■■■■■■■ great!

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@Pix_Severus made it. I like it too. He gets a gold star.


only useful to loot and salvage in null if you join a fully functioning corp with buyback otherwise stay in low hi

can be a lot of things but its usually null sec big ship ratters


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I’m curious about the tactics of this. I’ve never gotten anything bigger than a Raven. Do carriers and dreads align and warp away? It seems like a great big target and I’m not sure how one would go about soloing in one. Do they dock anywhere, or do you have to run down the timer and log off while out of combat?

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