What are the correctional methods used in the cleansing pits

As an Amarr - Jin-Mei, being Amarr on my father’s side, I’ve always observed and followed Amarr customs and religious values. However, one aspect I don’t entirely understand is how the cleansing pits function. Out of curiosity, I’d just like to know what correctional methods are used in the cleansing pits to purify sinners.

Thank you

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Depends on your local cleansing dispensary. Consult with the cleansers; they often have their own carefully crafted regimen for your soul’s sanctity.

A big rough sponge and a hard bar of coarse soap.


The methods vary between individuals sent the pits. It is almost always a very harsh sentence and frequently results in death. I am not comfortable discussing the specifics of my experience there. It was horribly unpleasant, terrifying, and it seemed to last a lifetime.

If you follow the Amarrian Faith, best to avoid the sorts of sins that could lead you so close to damnation that the cleansing pits are the only option left. Even if you do survive, you’ll spend the rest of your life praying that it was enough to truly expunge that black mark against your soul.

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