Amarrian Stations - Disgusting!

Rise up Amarrians and throw off the shackles of this last update… Make Demands that those Stations that are are LOYAL shall Clean up and get some more lighting!!! Sheesh!! It They look like some Minie backwater station with a few trinkets on sale… What are we?!? SAVAGES!!! All we need is some welding going on ALL THE Time to be as filthy as ours lowly servants!! Remember who WE are!

A message brought to you by the Clean Up Amarrian Stations Committee – we are in no way affiliated with The Amarr Trade Hub Consortium or it’s subsidiaries. “Cleanliness is Godliness”


There are also these… statues… that have half of chest bare… I don’t remember though if it is left or right half, but it was definitely bare, with… you know. A nipple.
On a statue.
Half-covered statue.


Its perfectly fine in the Empire for tasteful nudity. After all, being nude itself is not so much the problem if done for purely artistic manners.


The new lighting is an obvious attempt by Minmatar agents within CONCORD to increase the Minmatarness of the world.

The dark red lighting does in fact evoke Minmatar aesthetics.

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God damnit, stop being so insecure over a color.

For a mass-murdering psychopath, you sure are a sensitive crybaby.


Very true, my lady. There is nothing so close to God’s vision of us than our bare essentials.

And, like much of God’s vision, some simply can’t handle the beauty of it all at once…


I was wondering about the new light. I thought it was me. I banged my head against a pylon to see if that would reset the ocular filters.

It did not.

I’ve always found the Matari aesthetic(sic) appealing. It’s just all the… you know. This solves that problem while making nipple statuary more enigmatic and mysterious. Like the pulsating gifts of an ancient demonseraph always two light years away however far you travel through whatever space.

I support this. Though not Amarrian myself, while staying in Amarrian stations I gained perspective and dare I say appreciation for the the culture of the Empire.

Let there be light!


Awww, I always knew you liked my hair.

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I second this. I want Light. I want shiny Gold. I want Amarr stations to look Amarr.


I’ll admit, I’m a bit disappointed by your ‘like’ of a post that puts in more effort insulting the Minmatar than actually saying ‘hey, can we get better lighting in our stations?’


OOC: HEY CCP! Can we get better lighting in our Stations!

IC: Lady Arendis, I ask you to understand that Amarrian eyes are accustomed to long hours of reading our Holy Scriptures and still leaving ample time for work. The Blessed Light is part of our culture and should be bright and welcoming for our station guests for both aesthetics and security. “The heathen will shrink from the light and descend unto the darkness, their souls forever not of the Chosen”. -The Scriptures, Amash Askura 8:4 . We all know the Minmatar have no need to read and they are suitable blessed with working with minimal lighting… hence we still employ a great number of them in the subfloor areas of most stations.
Blessed be Amarr!

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First, I am not a ‘Lady’, I work for a living.
Second, the majority of my work is, in fact, administrative, and involves a lot of reading and nearly as much writing.
Third, it would seem to me that if heathens’ souls are ‘forever’ not of the Chosen, then your Scriptures are telling you that the Reclaiming is doomed to failure, because you’re charged with, in fact, bringing those souls into the Light and into unity with God among the Chosen.
Fourth, absolutely none of that in any way lessens the insulting nature of your bigoted statements, or how disappointing it is that Luna would support them.


Speak for yourself. :roll_eyes:


I demand more blue lighting everywhere, less sleep for everyone!

Darkness is just God’s way of telling you to burn more heretics.


My apologies Mr. Arrendis,
First, It was not my intention to label you in any way… I must say your hair dresser does an outstanding job… do you do you own makeup? I have servants for that myself… but that’s not the point of my reply…
Second, it seems better lighting would be beneficial for you also… unless you deem to use ocular cybernetic enhancements that would negate the need for it. See we can agree on something.
Third, “So the Lord sent forth the Chosen,
to bring forth the light of faith
And those who embrace his love
Shall be saved by his grace
For we are his shepherds in the darkness
His Angels of Mercy.
But those who turn away from his light,
And reject his true word
Shall be struck down by his wrath
For we are his retribution incarnate
His Angels of Vengeance”

  • The Scriptures, Book of Reclaiming 4:45"
    Fourth, It has never been about bigotry or any of that… I just speak the truth… most Minmatar are not of the Chosen. Many do not agree… many do. On this we do not agree.

Blessed be Amarr!


My agents and infiltrators have been victorious once again. The next phase will be causing the gold embellishments on amarr ships to begin rusting. I only have to have my science team perfect the nano factory formulas and then this too can become a reality.

[insert evil laughter of doom here]

My sides. I’m gonna start calling her this now