What Are The Implications Of The Empress Catiz's Pronouncement?

Empress Catiz 1 has made a Pronouncement on the Upwell Workforce Question.

I am now Curious to know about what Implications may arise from this Statement, and what classes of Beings are affected by it.

The Comments about “those who consider their bodies profane or filled with sin might feel the need to cast them off”, and “Those considering Upwell’s invitation must maintain their faith. No matter what world they live in, or what flesh they inhabit, they must carry their devotion to Amarr with them.” are particularly of Interest.

From my Viewpoint, these statements would appear to Condone, or at least Not Condemn, such things as: Persons whose Consciousness is transferred to a Machine, [the most famous Being of this nature is the Zainou founder Todo Kirkinen who Pioneered the Idea], as well as Persons whose Consciousness is transferred to an Unusual Body, [Some extreme Bodymod Enthusiasts use consciousness transfer into exotic Bodies].

What do people Think about this Subject ?

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Basically she says “you must not use this thing to escape our rule, or else” and “hey I know, what about making people we want to punish into cloned slavery workforce”, only with more words and veiled in Scripture.

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I had Not considered those Implications.

Perhaps I am Too Naive.

I have always been told that being a Capsuleer would sully my mortal frame and cast me as unfit in the eyes of God and the Empress. I still have faith, but this message seems a little confusing for someone like myself. Does this mean I am still expected to serve the Empire? Am I still welcome as a faithful member of the Empire?

Are the Upwell clones somehow different than Capsuleers so that they’re welcome but we were less welcome?

Heh, I haven’t gone to Amarr in quite a while, maybe I’m rusty on the details for current scripture.

I was Under the Impression that the Theology Council had been Contemplating the Clone Question for a number of Years.

There was a Theology Council Announcement fairly Recently, that clarified the Position.

Ah! I didn’t see this announcement. It’s news to me. Fascinating.

It certainly could be taken to mean those things.

It could be taken to mean other, more positive things.

Perhaps given the history involved one might be inclined to think the former, though, rather understandably.

But I am a charitable and hopeful person, so I shall perhaps choose to take it in a more positive light.

Some people may, for whatever reason, feel their body is not right for them. The body they were born with does not align with them spiritually, perhaps, to borrow language. And so perhaps this might be taken as saying that it is reasonable to cast it off in such situations, though from what we now know of the Upwell process, it does seem that for the majority of people, this is not in fact a thing they are actually offering. So one does have some worry there, given the context. But the words themselves do ring true.

The idea of carrying one’s devotion to Amarr with them is perhaps not the words I would use (though as a diversion, the word Amarr originally had the meaning of ‘our,’ thus the ‘Amarr faith’ would be ‘our faith’ – and interesting thread to pursue at some point), given that while I am a member of the Faith, I am very much also Gallente. Still, the idea of carrying with one that which is true to one’s self, no matter what body one might be in, is certainly a concept that we might take value from.

All in all, words that could be taken in multiple ways, which is perhaps in some ways wise of her. Obviously our own experiences will color the ways in which we take them. But I am hopeful, and will take things in the best way I can until things make me do otherwise, or at least that is what I prefer to do.

It is very well for you if your optimism and charity carry so far that you take the Amarr Throne as a likely proponent of individual freedom of choice.

Mine don’t.

One of the many advantages of vaguely worded and lofty rhetoric is that you can simultaneously say many things to many people, depending on what they want to hear.

That is indeed true. Which, of course, is exactly what one would expect from someone in the Empress’s position, of course.

And yes, it certainly is well for me to be able to take her words in the best possible way. I definitely have the privilege of being able to do so. I certainly understand why you’re unable to. We have, of course, very different experiences and situations. I would not expect you to take it in any other way, and I do apologize if my words implied that I thought it was wrong of you to not take it positively – simply that for some of us, it is an option. But of course, not everyone has that same luxury.