What are we talking about?

What I know. Ok so I have read thro’ all the stuff and I now know that most of the candidates have played all over EVE, they know every asset of the game. The majority are heroes, naturally, and that the rest of us should be really happy that these people have condescended to act as benefactors & mentors to us plebs!
The returning CSM’s have really enjoyed their time serving? Oh! Non-frustrated they could have done more? Non-Disappointed at the lack of support from the player base or the money-making schemes of CCP? No other cripes?
What I don’t know is what they will do for me, my corp or anyone else that plays EVE.
I have heard that some are really serious about balance. Sorry? Balance? Did I hear correct? Who is interested in balance? Money Yes! Balance No! With the last release we now have a whole section of the game dedicated to non-balance, Players lost 130 bils worth of ships in the first 24hrs in the interests of non-balance. So really CSM wanabe’s get in touch with the rest of the game!
What do most of the players want from the CSM? Well I know for sure that we want someone to try to advise CCP that screwing all the small medium corps is going to end in disaster. The player base has dropped drastically in the time I have been playing. Mostly due to the total neglect of small medium corps during the great Dust expansion. What happened to that by the way? Still got some ammo in the shed for my Velator to shoot vermin on the planets.
Then what do CCP come back with? Cap Ship nerfing, Citadels! & Ship balancing! Oh great!!
So now the cost of setting up a first null sec base has gone up by 10 to 15 times compared to when I anchored my POS. Empire null sec has been trashed by said citadels and now we are having to re-balance because the citadels were biased to mega corps with cap ships. Both defensive, offensive and building.
Let’s see what effort a small corp needs to put into effect to build the structures to be able to build a cap ship. Then compare that to when we were building Caps using POS’s. Its!!! well just forget it! unless you’re willing to cash in Plex it’s not going to happen.
_“Sorry you need to rip out that Rati and get an Azbel”. _
_“Sorry need to dock, can you scrap that Astahaus and get something bigger”. _
“OK! Ok! can somebody do the Math please? What does it now cost to set up a Cap ship manufacturing system compared to when we were using POS’s? Oh! and count the cost of the Asta and the Rati we lost un-anchoring so we could sell them”.
Finally, I am almost willing to bet there is no small corp out there that has manufactured the rigs for all it’s citadels. In fact, most will not have any fitted.
Ship balancing has made the game so bad that CCP has had to release Abyss to un-balance the game again. So now we are talking 1.5 bil for a cruiser before we fit it? Anything ring a bell here? Ever decreasing circles? Maybe more small-medium corp players leaving because they cannot afford to play?
Now who is going to represent the players and stand up to CCP on these issues and the myriad other similar ones not represented here? Even the representatives for the big boys should be worried. Can EVE survive with just Alpha’s and Goon’s? I doubt it.



“There are no candidates that seem to care about the ‘little’ guys.
It’s difficult to set up and rig citadels.
Abyss is bad and made my cruisers too expensive.
Eve is dying.”

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What have you asked for previously? Who did you ask and what was their reply(ies)?

Where is your evidence? This could just as easily be interpreted as the early adopters being incompetent? Or, perhaps they just had more isk than sense? Or, perhaps the fact that 24 hours was not long enough to get a handle on the game mechanics simply means that these new mechanics are in fact a genuine challenge? (And no, I don’t know the real answer either).

Talking of answers, what evidence are you citing regards lower player numbers? Plus, define “drastic” … 5%? … 20%? … below the point that EvE can still be financially sustainable (as a standalone game within the bigger CCP operation)?? What?

First part: good question. Second part: isn’t this CCP’s game? Why, ultimately does anyone have to stand up to them? We can all vote with our feet and simply stop playing the game if it no longer works for us.

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In reply to your 3rd point there are graphs on line and we are down by more than 30% from when I personally started playing. However that figure is very debatable now because we are presently counting both paying and non paying players. So I imagine it will be finacially worse but of course CCP are now plex harvesting with skill injector etc to ofset the damage. Pls note I wish CCP to make a profit as I really do not want EVE to die, however I am worried by how they are doing it.

To your 4th point Now that CCP has made Alpha accounts more interesting to try to get new players it has also become more tempting for established players who do not have the finacial stability to turn Alpha. So now we have a 3rd option

Chances are player numbers are genuinely down. It is just the available evidence for this is a tad rubbery at best (due presumably to CCP commercial-in-confidence issues?). The real problem though is implications often inferred from them on these forums as a consequence. Ad nauseam.

The role of the CSM is interesting though, and not very transparent - including re the topic of non-paying players. I understood CCP buffed alpha clones to deliberately stop people using them as trial accounts, and moving to omega? So, yes, they are about getting new players but not about getting revenue. At least, not from subs? (And I still haven’t got my head around that yet).

One of the buffs was to allow alpha access to BS although CSM apparently only wanted them to have BCs? Just curious as to who the CSM members talked to about that. I was only vaguely aware that CSM members existed and have hardly ever seen a forum post from them (collectively). Not until this election at least. And even then most of the names on the candidates list I had never heard of, never mind from. Funny thing that.

So. Not just “what are we talking about”. But just who exactly is doing the talking? I for one ain’t convinced it is the vast majority of EvE players.

Actually that’s not entirely true. As an Alpha clone, you’re only allowed to fly the ships that are allowed for alpha accounts. Even if you have the skills trained up to fly Omega account ships, you loose access to them. Same goes for using ship modules, industry jobs, etc…

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