What Are You Eating And Drinking Right Now?

Lunch special at CPK. It’s almost like I’m dining at Spago.


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Home made protein powder ingredients

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras btw I am yet to locate your gym setup.

I had been looking over the website of the local gym here which I plan to attend soon.

They have a special for 50+ with no lock in contract though the terms reads 6 weeks minimum fee of 10.75 per week.

Just doing research as there is another option .

This is what i do.

Inb4 @Felix_Frostpacker @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras


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I’m not strong and for an experiment I tried to see how long can I hold my 10kg kettle weight with my right arm fully extended and counted to 6 before lowering my arm.

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Yet. But as you spend more time in the gym (or with exercises in whatever format of your choosing) hopefully that will change soon enough. :wink:

I have long arms and can touch my knees while standing

/ my goal here was to type some word salad to force you NOT to respond!


Surprised I could eat this much the day after the 4th, but lunch at P.F. Chang’s is just so decadent.

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After financially recovering from purchasing my mixed doctrine permit, I decided to celebrate by immersing myself in the culture of my Corp’s CEO. Cuisine does so much more than reading a Nat Geo magazine or watching a documentary on the Discovery Channel. You’re transported to a different place through all five senses.

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Has anyone tried to make a funnel cake with beef inside?

I’m having my favorite breakfast now.