What can I do with 30 Freighter loads of minerals in 0.0

I have 31 million m³ from hauler spawns but looks like none of locals is interested in buying it. Do you guys have an idea how I can turn this to money, by manufactoring something maybe? Its located in central Stain, in case someone here wants it.

It depends what minerals they are, and in what quantities.

If there’s reasonable amounts of tritanium and pyerite and some other stuff, I’d look at building some T1 cruisers to blow up in PvP.

Another option could be trying to export the more valuable per m3 minerals, via a wormhole or filaments or hiring a professional hauler.

its all across the board, with a b*ttload of trit ofc.

I’m surprised there isnt some cap manufacturer in Stain interested in taking that off your hands.

You might investigate a quote from PushX at getting a jump freighter worth of that out of Stain - Im pretty sure you could get it to where it could be sold more easily.

I could make some enquiries within Brave as well, although if it’s for pickup in Stain you won’t be getting Jita prices.

I’m willing to sell it at 80% jita.

For what it’s worth, a quick lookup showed PushX are asking about 700m to move a jump freighter from W-VLX9 in Stain to Amarr.

yeah hauling it to empire is not feasible at all.

I’m pretty sure hauling it to Querious isn’t viable either, especially given the replacement cost of a JF.

Whats your favorite battlecruiser to welp ?

Turning it into ships does seem like the easiest thing … you’ll need some Mega, but it looks like at worst you can keep yourself in Welpcanes for a year or two :slight_smile:

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Take a bath in it like Daffy Duck


If you want to sale them contact me in-game with an praisal link

Worst case u move them to asset safety wait 15 days to be moved in a LS system and then either move them ur self slowly with pochven express or ask a hauling corp to move them from said LS to HS . Don’t know if it’s worth the money u need to pay to get them from asset safety in the station in LS though

Roll a wh and sell all your isogen asap that is going to fall through the floor in price in the next 2 weeks.

You can write on forums about it.

eve praisal is dead but I’ve sent your a mail.


Tbh i’d just jam the high-value stuff in a JF (either your own or a hired one) and throw the trit out an airlock.

Doubtful, the new sov ore seems pretty bleh.

Its already lost 25% since I wrote that message.
It was over 400.