What did I Miss?

Played for a little while then life got in the way.

is it a joke?
so you don’t even want to do an effort and to give us any precision, like when you stoped playing, or the topics you are interested in (life in hi sec? null? wormholes? incursion? CCP team? industry? explo? metagaming and dramas?) ? and you expect us to answer walls of text to your totally vague question?
the answer you deserve: “it depends”
others’ answer: “42”


All changes to the game since 2014 can be found at https://updates.eveonline.com/


You missed that they put up structures that makes anyone living in low/null immune to small gang and solo raid’s, also since you have been away there has been lots of titans made people can probably fill fleets with just titans and go roam with them they are so plentiful.

Upwell structures have mostly replaced POS’s. They’re mostly awesome. Players mostly complained.

CCP introduced skill injectors. They went completely unnoticed by the playerbase. In fact, I’m not really sure what they even do.

Eve went F2P. Millions of new players finally decided to try Eve… and promptly went back to playing Warframe.

Goons got kicked out of Eve during World War Bee. Naturally, they are now the largest player organization in the history of gaming.

Mutaplasmids gave players the ability to make god tier mods and cheaper faction alternatives. Now, more modules are destroyed from hangar bays than are destroyed out in space.

Blackout showed that players don’t actually want to make Eve more dangerous -we just want to make it more dangerous for the other guy.

Triglavian ships are the new hotness. You either love them, or haven’t skilled into them.

Everyone now owns a titan.

Players complained… a lot.

Oh, and some guy appears to have started a cult -not a joke.


You may have missed me starting Eve in 2013.

Actually, the best way to learn what you missed is to log in and try it again. The changes have been quite eventful at times and even painful, but for sure they have been many and frequent.

See you in space

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