A New Incompetent & Proud

My name is Hinzee. I’m not a Sabus alt. I joined ICANP very early in its existence and always believed in the corp and believed in Sabus Narian. I quickly rose to director very early in my EVE career (ICANP was my first and only main corp I’ve been in). I found Incursions after being an Orca miner for a couple months. I made big ISK, saw EVE, and learned everything while with ICANP.

I’ve FC’d for both Warp To Me and Dittanian fleets, and I’m extremely well known within the Incursion community. I’m also the head of Incompetent Incursions (ICANP Incursion Branch).

Throughout my relatively short time in EVE I believed in and stuck with Sabus Narian. I am an ICANP success story after all. Toward the end of Sabus’ reign he began acting erratic, started a religion that I had the unfortunate pleasure of trying to defend in SICO director chats. Every day there was something new I had to defend. Eventually Sabus decided to pick a fight with SICO after our kick from the coalition. This was when enough was enough. ICANP and its members (who are mostly newbies) were dealing with the brunt of Sabus Narian’s self-destructive and harmful actions. Something had to be done. So I had to make a decision. It was either Sabus or ICANP. I chose to attempt saving the corp that I’ve believed in and thrived in for my entire EVE lifetime. I (and later the rest of the director team) pressured Sabus to step down and resign as CEO, name a new CEO, and be unaffiliated with the corp.
Sabus initially ranted and acted in his usual erratic way, still trying to win a lost battle in his head with SICO all while bleeding ICANP dry. But eventually after enough pressure he finally agreed and named me as the new CEO.
My first act as CEO was to end the battle against SICO and move the corp to Usi. As this was happening I started rebuilding leadership. Of all the old guard director team. The only ones left were myself, Karulean (who is on vacation), and Reapher SavG (who hasn’t been seen in EVE Online for months but has recently appeared on discord and stated he will be returning). All 3 of whom have disavowed Sabus Narian and his views. There are also no corp officers left who would stand with Sabus if he were to come back. In short, Sabus in the beginning was great. He built ICANP. However, that doesn’t excuse his erratic and destructive actions toward the end of his reign.

ICANP has new leadership and is rebuilding. We ask that you take a new look at us. But we will not bow to aggression and are ready to face threats that come our way. But if you’re coming for us because of Sabus Narian, you are only further hurting the newbies he left in his wake that you claim to defend.

Incompetent & Proud

Why wouldn’t you just start a new corporation with a different name?


I believe in the corp and its old values separate of Sabus. A change in leadership was the best option to save the corp.

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I don’t think you are going to be able to re-brand.


This ICANP drama rivals the Lychton led Brave Newbies era, at least from a publicity perspective.

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We’re not trying to. We’re still a newbie focused corp and all we’re going to do is focus on ourselves and rebuilding. You can think what you want. I’m just here to give you my truth from my perspective. Whether you believe it or not is up to you.

@hinzee_Jsons Mate, the rats are running for the scuppers… That ship is capsized, burning, and sinking. You do not need to go down with it. It is for each man to decide what his honor can bear. ICANP stands attainted, and the stain of Sabus will never be removed. For my honor, I would depart with my dignity and continue, born anew, unfettered by the vile legacy of Sabus Narian.


I look to ICANP more as a Phoenix rising from the ashes of a group of core people in the corp that have stuck with us through hell and back, then stuck with us even longer through Sabus’ hell and back.

Full disclosure.

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Well, I don’t know if you’ll ever be able to wash that stink off, but I do think that trying to save your corp and it’s values is admirable.

Good luck.

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Oh, sabus is gone, eh? Well…that’s good for you guys, I suppose. You do seem to have some underlying hostility in your replies to folks on the forums, though…so that does make one think…

If you are indeed not a sabus alt (I of course have not been in any of your discords to know so please forgive me if that is wrong), you should make a new corp with your new start, leave all the icanp taint behind.

I wonder if this means sabus won’t be running for CSM? I hope he still does - I was very much looking forward to that campaign.

If you are indeed rebooting your corp than I wish you well in doing so. I suppose time will tell…

You are correct in that I do have an underlying hostility on the forums. Although you must understand that on these forums I am in hostile territory. There is only me on the defensive.

As far as I know Sabus has quit his CSM campaign. I was actually hoping he would continue running because I would’ve loved to see that dumpster fire unfold.

Thank you for the well wishes with rebooting ICANP. I will try my best.


Are corp shares also separate of Sabus?

I can appreciate being the only one of the defense, I’ll give you that much.

How is the reinvention of the Corp going?


ICANP kinda relapsed back.


Nobody cares. You tried to keep his cancer corp alive and that’s all that matters.

Does anybody know whether this is still the case? Do any EvE communities still accept ICANP pilots in them?

This is not a rhetorical question. I do really want to know who else we should target for cooperating with or supporting ICANP one way or another…

ROFL. We knew this was total ■■■■■■■■ and you were simply trying to draw attention away from ICANP, hoping someday it would all wear off and Sabus would be able to return.

Well, it didn’t wear off. It never will. We’ll keep relentlessly going after you forever.

And Sabus couldn’t wait either. He’s back already, sooner than I expected even, and will soon be CEO again. What are you going to do now? How are you going to spin this?

ICANP is doomed and down you will go with it. Your name and future in EvE will forever be tied to the terrible choice you made here…


lol - a week or so later and hinzee is turning over icanp back to sabus and where he was saying sabus had gone weird now hinzee is right there with him. :laughing:


according to eve who, hinzee or whatever his name is, is still ceo and sabus is on the departed list