A New Incompetent & Proud

Now this man is the true prophet. His prophecy has come to pass.

All hail the true prophet/king of Era.

Check out my thread.


March 8:

Now, days later:



Well, we know one of the people that hinzee named left the Corp.


Looks like the other left for a very long time, and just joined back just like hinzee.


So I guess we know that one is probably just another alt, and the other didnt want to be a part of this Corp because Sabus came back. Lol.

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I don’t think EVE Who calls the API each time you look at a page. It has it’s own database of the information. So it isn’t always up to date and lags by a couple of days.

Plus, the evemail.


Yes, the evemail you posted is far more authoritative given how recent it is.


I’d like to announce that I now control all shares and Sabus has finally left for good. We gave Sabus one final chance and he blew it.

Him and all his alts have been removed and I have already started the process of diluting and creating new shares so they can be spread around to leadership. ICANP will never again be controlled by one person. Not Sabus, Not Me, No single person.

I’d like to announce that I control all shares and Sabus has finally left for good. We gave Sabus one final chance and he blew it.

ROFLMAO. How desperate and delusional do you have to be to think anybody gives a rat’s ass what you’re trying to make us believe now? What a clown you are… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Also, don’t you see anything wrong with posting the exact same things on two different threads?

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still not gonna help… dump the name and get a new corp… sabus will always be associated with I Can Pee


Maybe hinzee should write his own manifesto.


That’s a really great solution to a problem nobody ever had with ICANP.

Don’t think it will do a ton of good here, though.

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Dog, you didn’t just give Sabus a second chance, you gave his cult a second chance -well, supposedly. I don’t know if the evemails Solonious Rex posted were real. But it was right about Sabus being made CEO again, and you did admit that you had previously defended his “religion.”

I hope that email isn’t real, because it made me begin to wonder if Sabus’s cult sh!t has caused anyone any real-life harm. I mean there’s role play and jokes (i.e. The Space Pope and praise bob), and I’ve met people with some… interesting religious beliefs, but seeing someone earnestly refer to another person as a prophet/king makes my spidey senses tingle.

I know I’m only getting a small portion of the story, but after this, I’m going to recommend that people stay away from ICANP. There are plenty of excellent corps out there. No need to mess around with one that tried to become a cult.


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