SICO is no longer a target for me, ICANP still is

Also, I’ve suspended the deeply unpopular mass recruiting practices. So your alts’ inboxes should clear up :wink:

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Hey man, listen. Real talk, you already lost over 15 billion isk moving corp member assets to your new home. What makes you think that wont keep happening?

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We hear a lot of mixed things about what’s going on. Some stories are hard to believe, given the magnitude of the assets involved. I’ve personally reserved judgement on the remains of ICANP, but given the heat I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just found a new corp. If you’re goal is to help new players establish themselves in the game (the reason I joined ICANP as my first corp, before deciding to leave when all this came to light) then it stands to reason that holding onto a name out of pride would only hurt hat objective. As for shares, the corp will know whether or not you’re serious if the shares end up being distributed to more than one person. If that doesn’t happen, then there really isn’t any difference in leadership or culture is there, no matter who’s face is at the helm.

We had a nice voice chat the other day and I can confirm he’s not sabus or any of his alts. As far as I go I’m just gonna sit here and watch what ICAP has reaped. Any newbros who would like to come to a corp that won’t take advantage of you apply to EOIA. I’m the Chief of Ops and Sec over here. You’ll be vetted and given an awesome place to hang in new eden or I’ll even point you to some other corps you may have fun with.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
― Sun Tzu,

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Some of you seem to be missing the point. It doesn’t matter at all whether Hinzee is Sabus or not.

Hinzee could very well be a Sabus alt, or he could be someone else that’s in cahoots with him, or he could be someone that does honestly believe he’s doing the right thing but has no clue how this stuff works…

Whatever, it’s all utterly irrelevant. ICANP is Sabus’ corp and has to die. Period.


The reason I’m not building a new corp is because I helped build ICANP. ICANP Is partly my creation, along with every other past director who helped make ICANP what it was. Sabus warped and violated our creation. It is now up to me and the loyal few who remain to fix it.

So pride over helping new players. Got it.


Corp name checks out? :smiling_imp:


I’m seeing some pilots quitting ICANP to join The Parchainer Reasearch and Development shop.

That’s an ICANP holding corp. If you’re joining it because it’s being wardec’ed and you want to help defend its assets, well, that’s up to you. But if you’re joining it because you think that’ll make a difference for you, it won’t. You’re going to be targeted exactly the same if you’re in that corp as if you were in ICANP…

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All we do is help new players. You guys are the ones attacking them not us lol.

Your name has become a target…for whatever reason. Choosing to keep it out of pride only makes all your new members targets too. Clearly, the above wont be reasoned with, even if what you say is true. It may be time to reevaluate what you truly value.


That’s some pretty bold bragging from someone whose corp hides behind CONCORD and war immunity.


Your former CEO has tarnished your corp name to the point you will never stop being a target. Do you know how much he got away in terms of assets?

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So no pew pew in Parchanier? Three structures bashed into final timer but no final blow dealt to either of them. :thinking:

If you check the wars against The Parchainer Reasearch and Development holding corp, you’ll see that several mercenary corps/alliances joined the defenders. They’re mercs, but still shame to them.

I know, saw their fleet in Parchanier during the first and last structures’ repair timers (was not on during the second but probably were there too). Seems kinda odd that the groups fighting the good fight didn’t form a fleet to break through regardless of the opposition considering the just cause of spanking the infidels and their cult leader and whatnot… I guess it wasn’t that important for them anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

The players with the structures left ICANP and renounced Sabus.
Mission complete

the players in parch left ICANP and renounced sabus. the people attacking them prompted them to join EOIA, which has been said here on the forums and by the attackers during our attempts to negotiate they know we have noting to do with ICANP, we left and formed our corp BEFORE the religion ■■■■ show. that fleet was US defending our members assest.

3/3 saved now we are going back to our area to continue enjoying eve free of the sabus drama

also considering that SSabus is once again the CEO of ICANP, its kind of obvious where the king of the dumpster fire is, go bug him and leave those of us that left when sabus demonstrated how bat ■■■■ ■■■■■■■ crazy he really is alone. we had no idea the level of mental instability he could reach, and we left before he even got to the worst parts. those guys in parch just want to play, and we have given them a home, because they are our friends

Sabus is in ICANP set up in Usi, preaching from the top of his soap box. have at him, and leave us out of it

o7 fly safe

it wasnt a holding corp it was 5 or 6 guys that left icanp, created their own corp and set up structures. they mine and build. i appreciate what you do, sharing of information and such, and it does have a role in games. but please check facts before just assuming something like that. these guys are members of the EOIA now, we have moved them to our base, and are defending the structures because they are our members assets, not sabus.

because of you declaring (wrongly) that this was a sabus holding corp we COULDNT negotiate with the attacking corp. they ask for an unreasonable amount of money per day saying “sabus wouldnt pay, the only way we know you arent sabus is if you pay”
thanks for that. happily their scout in SICO saw our fleet all 3 times and they didnt bother so we were able to save our members structures and get them out of there.