What do you miss about Eve that is now gone?

So true… But I still think I’m going to give it a couple of years rest. (rest=alpha so don’t ask for my stuff that you cant use/fly :laughing: ) They “seem” to be understanding the bigger picture now, but I still don’t trust them to bring the game back. Too many whales in the game for them to lose money on I guess. Time will tell.

And for those who want to know what it was like “way back when”. The DDoS attack is a good example of what could happen. This attack was longer than the last one and I kinda had some pride in the game that us puny in number, were worthy of such an attack. :sunglasses:

While the attacks are not CCP’s fault, going further back to when downtime was. They could cause just as much harm in a short period. 24 hr skill que is a good example.

I still miss when the dev’s flew indestructible ships in game. It gave me confidence that they were at least somewhat familiar with what the average “Joe” was up to.


Enjoy winning eve during your break, MB. I have many fleetmates and corpmates that are seriously suggesting they might do similar. I’m not quite at that stage myself, but I do find myself considering switching from mostly subbing to mostly or all plexing soon™… and just letting my wallets dwindle until I’m in the poorhouse and then win at that point. We’ll see.

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Have to admit, I miss the abundance of salt on these forums that made it that much more actively engaging than it is now.

I feel now like there are just a few out there who post fake outrage to make it seem like there are still some who can complain to no end about the game. All the progress CCP has made in this past year has really drained out and excavated the last major reserves of evaporate formations left.

Now it’s like you have to look forward to CCP coming up with some kind of a new idea to really extract this scarce commodity from the playerbase.

Now we got Red dot rage which is… “meh” to say the least.

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I miss the red-dot-free cargo hold.


Captain’s Quarters, it was perhaps something that should have been part of the accessories screen so as not to confuse it as being something useful but it was kind of funky seeing your character moving around a room.

Game wise it’s more things that Eve never had than things that are gone.

People wise the departed are missed but may they have a life instead.


I give CCP credit when they make good and great changes. And there have been plenty of those since I started playing in 2013, but there’s also been senseless nerfs instead of buffing other ships of the same class, there’s been killing the chat system 23 months ago… and now the red dots.

I don’t think the red dots would have made people rage quite as hard if many of us hadn’t been living with horrible lag, disconnects, and other DDOS-related symptoms for the past 3? 4? weeks now. I can’t remember remember which weekend that was that the DDOS began, it feels like 2020 has been nothing but one long DDOS so far.

The red dots are just the last straw for many. The inventory system is truly broken by this, btw, it’s not just the annoying red dot thing like the “GONG” was annoying from target (players, rats, wrecks, asteroids) dying when they introduced that a couple years ago. This is… far, far worse.


Yeah, red dots was the literal opposite of what people who were hoping for a break from anything going wrong towards the end of current issues with server/chat. At this point I think everyone wants red dots to get dealt with, connection/chat issues fixed and a nice long period of CCP not trying to do anything that might lead to more issues or negative feedback for awhile would be a relief even if it meant not adding new content for awhile if there was a chance it gave us all a break from anything else going wrong.


Amen to that last bit especially.


I miss decent DLC packs, the new ones are complete garbage I would not buy them at half price.

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So sad, but I feel it’s true. Without a roadmap and with mounting evidence that CCP no longer knows what to do about EVE, changes will just tend to go south.

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I don’t completely agree with that while it does seem like they don’t have a concrete plan with how to solve every single problem and a lack of focus on others I think the major issue is they are not investing enough resources into these efforts to produce more effective results in what they are doing when they do try.

They try to do too much with too little in too many different ways that even when they put their best effort forward the results are always half measured and lacking and they have to see how well it doesn’t work before adding a little more focus on what went wrong.

Personally I do not understand why they do not have way more devs and employees in general, interactive communication and involvement with the player base. A game they sell for half a billion dollars you’d think they would have a lot more people and resources.

Instead we got the CSM as a go between when we could have instead employees that just listen and discuss the game continuously for feedback.

Like how hard would it have been for them to figure out that maybe they are missing a few things with this red dot idea literally get a few players to try and see if maybe there is something missing or inappropriate with it’s use.

Yeah, yeah…it’s for new players they will say but that doesn’t make up for getting the opinion of an experienced player how it does and doesn’t work well. Helpful for new players, counter productive to those who know how to play the game and realize this is a red shell to the face every time it happens.

Normally this looks alright but Yoshi don’t realize what happens when he shoots the blue shell if he pays too much attention to all those red ones floating around him.

Answer is he will end up screwing himself.

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Old friends who have left the game. It’s not the same without them.


To be honest?


We used to PVP for moon control. Setting up a series of POS and emptying them out occasionaly was doable for a small corp. Then we hade to break apart moons and mine them.

Say what now?

Six months later my corp was dead because nobody, including myself, had any interest in such PVE activities, and we weren’t numerous enough to claim better space then a slice of lowsec.

The higher my skills, the more expensive my ships, the more PVE I had to do to keep up. And I miss not having to do that. We weren’t making boatloads of cash but enough to field a decent fleet and actually do stuff.


Simply put, I miss EVE bloody well being EVE.
I don’t know what this hollow, insultingly shallow, one-dimensional, zero-player-agency RMT-driven botters’ paradise is, but it sure as ■■■■ ain’t any EVE that I ever would have wanted to play.
CCP Seagull and all the blatant nullsec ball-polishers that call themselves “devs” --100% deliberately, I strongly suspect-- destroyed this game, fullstop/end-of.
I don’t know why people are having such a hard time saying it, but it needs to be said.
It was one Hell of a ride prior to late 2013/14, but it’s painfully clear that our time is finished.

(From what I’ve been hearing, even Chribba just doesn’t seem to give a ■■■■ anymore --Allowing that to happen with someone who is/was that deeply committed to your community, for that long is not just dumb, it’s bloody well criminally irresponsible.)

Just as an aside:

I also miss forum moderators the quality of CCP Zymurgist, who were actually involved with the forum community --not the mindless rule-quoting jobsworths we’ve had for like 7 years now.

The old forums --IE, the first iteration-- as well. For all their flaws, not-aged-gracefully-at-all look, and occasional clunkiness, they always just felt like someone who was “someone” actually give a crap and paid attention.