What do you think would bring eve into a new golden age

Well yes but actually no.
Faction frigates have huge damage bonuses, so I lose 10%-12.5% of my damage by only having racial frigate IV. Pirate frigs and navy cruisers are a little outside of my budget, and neither can enter Scout complexes. Navy destroyers are a thing I can do, but for some reason I haven’t gotten my first Fleet Trash yet. I’d definitely fly the ScyFI if I had more money (say, a billion to throw around) or the ONI (remember that the NOmen is NOT the one true ONI) if I had light missile skills.

Being broke is pain. I can’t even use a Hurricane effectively, because MJD.

IMO CCP ■■■■■■ FW
to similar to null , i moved to LS to scape null because i dislike it
now is fleet fleet fleet , and the ones that are alone bail 99% of the time
i much more preferred the 1v1 oriented sites …

but one thing they did right
we found a identity in navy ships at last
they can be menacing and are the only ships i fly nowadays

but im not playing that much… aka at all :stuck_out_tongue:

the biggest problem with alpha is fitting and lack of thermodynamics btw
back them i killed some guys using a coercer with one gun less because of alpha

navy destroyers are sexy
they can handle pirate frigs , t3 destroyers and in some cases even t1 cruisers

yah im broken to, spent my last bilion in 2 navy prophecies , got only some change left
but i found them really nice ships , first time i tried

they could make systems adjacent to frontline only spawn 1v1 plexes with similar rewards to accommodate the two playstyles , would be nice

@Kezrai_Charzai I was focused on the topic, the golden age. Want more alphas, less frustration, less friction, less stupid content that does not worth the effort. It was not an attack to you, you probably missed my irony about the NPE being discussed eternally.

@Nujenif_Talvanen you reading the situation wrong, but ok, maybe when you read the other posts around… I actually lost things WAY more expensive and never cared. I lost a tengu with a terrible fit doing the wrong jump, I think you must take a step back if you want to understand things.

@tutucox_Khamsi my point no? I said get rid of T1, push navy baseline, faction could be cheaper, more pew pew. Sometimes I put too many ideas together and things get confused. But you kinda corroborated my idea with your posts.

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on fleets t1 performs fine
lots of tristans , or coercers , or thrashers etc
damage and range
most fleets like the two things

i find they super boring , because its F1 shenanigans

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I also said that…

well i agree then :smiley:

Some one up there said, good players make the game. It is up to CCP marketing to attract the right players to this game. Recently all they did was a 1 million skill point promo. This fails to recruit new long term players for all the obvious reasons. Their biggest mistake is trying to pay the current players to bring in more players. Sounds to me just like Amway sales pitch. CCP has the product, we use the product, they are being lax about selling the product. Come on CCP, sell me something!

I figured as much. One of the things I truly enjoy about the PvE in this game is the associated risks. I’m not talking about the PvP, but the missions themselves.

I ‘lost’ two frigates going after data sites before I googled and figured out what was killing me. I almost lost my drake in the winter nexus and got out by my whiskers, only to lose it 2 days later because I didn’t kite correctly.

This game has a huge, steep learning curve. I enjoy that.

I had an escalation this weekend that led me thru a variety of .5 systems and I saw this warning message about going into a triglavian system. I docked and googled, PVE NPCs that kill your capsule. Holy crap :slight_smile:

I’m mining and started manufacturing.

It’s a really interesting game.

It’s obvious though that CCP wants to force people into what they think is the core of the game, PvP. It has soft and hard limits, with level 3 and 4 missions that will send you there and level 5 that only exist there. Nutty to me.


It also fails to teach new players. The carebears whine and cry about how new players need help, but it’s really about how the carebears want free skillpoints for their alts. In reality, free skill points do not help new players. They fail to appreciate the basic skills, and fail to learn what they do and why the matter. They get a jumpstart into a bigger more expensive ship and die. Then they quit the game.

Coddling new players is not helping them.


I like my eggs coddled and with soldier toast while sitting afk in the safety of the NPC stations.

It’s all the more reason why it cheeses off year old players when they shift the goal posts every 5 minutes. They worry too much about total noobs, when in fact from what I’ve seen there’s another peak of people leaving at around a year or so. Which is not surprising…as that’s the point where one has invested enough time and effort to care about the game, but not so much that one cannot just say ‘stuff it’.


When exactly did they shift the goal posts?

gane is dying. wake up

The very first whines about ganking and “EVE Is Dying” threads were made in 2003, yet here we still are 20 years later…:wink:


CCP Iceland is The Same As CCP China. YOU DO WHAT WE WANT OR YOU, DO NOTHING. thats why eve has lost so many players. Eve has not been a sandbox in years, its a controlled manipulative enviroment, and no sandbox player wants anything to do with that. While I agree balance is needed. You dont balance a game by punishing your main fan base, to accomodate the new whiners. But CCP seems to think this is best. Enjoy the New declining EVE.


About 80 times over the last 20 years. CCP Lie thats a fact. they say train for this ship, you train spend a ton of cash, then within a few months they change the rules and ths ship stats. this has been going on since 2003. So if you see a ship you like and train for it, I guarantee, it will either be nerfed to uselessness, to force you to retrain to a new ship , then the whole process happens again. Its a cash grab. and it has alienated 70% of its player base. thats why we have 23k online not 60k.


Eve is dying because , we have 67 million new humans on the earth every year, and eves player count is on a downward spiral. So If its not growing , and its not Static, then it is Dying. The numbers prove this, its just dying slower than predicted. but CCP latest financial decisions, will speed that up. My Main is in a corp of around 100 players. a year ago we used to have 60 to 70 on at a time every day, for the last 4 months the most players on (not during a op) was 6.

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There is one thing that will bring EVE into a new golden age.


War is the underlying engine that fuels all other aspects of EVE online. When there is conflict in this game, all other aspects function properly. When there is not conflict in this game, then it grows stagnant, withers up and dies.

CCP has attempted to do things to prompt conflict, but have missed the mark entirely. As a long time vet of this game, I have seen a lot of change. Whenever CCP attempts to dictate how the game should be played they only succeed in driving off one segment of their player base.

So what is my suggestion? It is really quite simple. Allow and promote conflict. Quit worrying about if players hold too much isk. Give them a reason to spend that isk, and provide for them a reasonable means to do so.

Instead of making things unbearably painful to produce, allow them to become more easily produced. That will cause more people to begin to USE those items produced, because they are not so cost prohibitive. CCP seems to have this belief that if they make the game more complex that people will find joy in the complexity. And some do. But the overwhelming majority of players just want to participate in the conflict.

There are many things that CCP could do to make PI, mining, and other industry activities less eye-gougingly painful.

But ultimately everything in this game reverts back to conflict. Without it there is no need for industry. Nobody is buying exploration loot. And the reasons to log into EVE online dry up.

If you want another golden age of EVE online. Give pilots a reason to fight. And then get out of the way CCP. You had a good idea with scarcity. But all you did was make resources more scarce. You neglected to create the places of abundance which would create the conflict. You simply made things more difficult or impossible to obtain.


This is also a huge issue. Imagine being a newbro training for a muninn (it was used by most fleets), only to now have to train an entirely new weapons class. That is just a recent example.

I Agree. The Conflict side has been screwed up to such an extent , a hamster could have made better decisions. But , we also need the industial side fixed, so people can opt out of PVP and enjoy there mining, like it used to be. (Providing ships, so those that want to fight can) Not like now , where nobody wants to bother to undock. Its just not worth the risk to lose a cap that is going to take you 3 months to replace for 40 seconds of fun.

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