What do you think would bring eve into a new golden age

You are seeing the result of the lack of conflict. Yes, mining needs an update.

But if there isn’t any conflict out in space, then there is no need for miners. What are you mining for? To produce those ships that are going into war. If there are no wars then nobody will be purchasing your minerals.

As I stated initially. EVERYTHING in this game is driven by conflict. It is the element that creates the need for all other areas. CCP needs to feed that, instead of starve it to death.


Agreed , Its a shame CCP has no common sense. I dont know who is making these decisions, but they are costing CCP Millions and Millions, and the last remaining goodwill of there player base.


It also fails to teach new players. The carebears whine and cry about how new players need help, but it’s really about how the carebears want free skillpoints for their alts. In reality, free skill points do not help new players. They fail to appreciate the basic skills, and fail to learn what they do and why the matter. They get a jumpstart into a bigger more expensive ship and die. Then they quit the game.

Coddling new players is not helping them.

Bingo. This hits the nail on the head.


I Agree, I mean I saw a post on Reddit, Asking how to undock. I mean I would laugh if it was not just sad. Can you imagine this generation with a rubiks cube lol. (It would be classified as a HATE toy ) lol.


Oh wow, first time I’ve seen one of these boomer memes outside of their natural hunting grounds (Facebook). Awesome.

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Because they keep listening to people who want there to be less conflict. There’s a vociferous minority who would quite happily turn Eve into Telletubbie Farmville…and for some inexplicable reason CCP cater to them.

The whole thing is done under the guise of protecting noobs, but CCPs own data from 2015 shows that most noobs leave within a week anyway. Rather than letting them fall by the wayside and concentrating on the real problem…keeping the noobs it did manage to attract…the game gets softened to attract more one day old noobs. Completely forgetting that that has an adverse effect on the the noobs who did stay because they do like the risk and the ‘cruel universe’ ethos.

Look, CCP, there is your problem in a nutshell. You can’t please all the people all the time…but you are not pleasing any of the people any of the time.

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This is a common lie.

As is this.

The problem they really have is that there are a number of bittervets, some of whom don’t play, including some that post on biomassed characters, and they spend a lot of time producing the propaganda that you’ve been led to believe.

In terms of CCPs design decisions over the last few years, many have been positive, there are just some outliers that aren’t and unfortunately, scarcity was one of them and was a big blow to the game. Even Photon UI has been pretty good overall, it’s just that many of the most vocal people on the forum can’t stand change.


That is a common lie.

Plus I don’t need lectures on truth from the biggest twister of truth on the forums.


okay what did i mis

Fixed it for you.

Nothing but the same we all want change, but no one will never agree on what changes will make a difference including CCP.

Shouldn’t it be, “Okay, what did I miss?”

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An Automated Ticket questionnaire that holds many radio buttons to fine tune a Capsuleers support ticket.

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It looks like you’re basically trying to construct a trainer module, while removing everything that would make it interesting or rewarding to participate in. Other than the ability to have a “safe no risk PvP training encounter”.

Yes, I have stated this explicitly.

Which, technically speaking, you could already do on SiSi.

We both know it’s not nearly the same thing as including a learning tool in-game, with the same account.

In general, people game for a rewarding and entertaining experience. While some people will take time aside just to “improve their skills for the future”, by far many more won’t.

As we already established, most people want games to reward them for relatively little effort. This is not what EVE is about. With this idea I wasn’t trying to make the game easier or more appealing to casual players, I’m just trying to give players potentially interested in the game as is tools to smooth out the learning curve a bit, while keeping the game as sandboxy as possible.

Games are meant to be interesting, exciting, entertaining

People’s ideas of what that constitutes will be vastly different. Some people like a fast-paced, twitchy FPS shooter, some a slow, relaxed strategy game, some a quickly rewarding puzzle game, some a game based on gregarious interaction with other players, some will find the most excitement in chess. And some like rough, unforgiving sandboxes that to some degree aim at simulating a virtual world. Any given game cannot be all things at once.

and accessible.

Highly debatable. Nothing in the concept of a “game” implies it needs to be easy to learn or addressed at a wide audience. Of course with an MMO you have to balance this against the audience size necessary to support it financially, but all things considered EVE doesn’t have a terrible track record of doing exactly that.

Not substitutes for real-world drudgery with less reward.

I don’t understand. For me, achieving something in EVE is very rewarding even though no external scoring system or predefined questline drove me towards it. It really does seem like you just value different things in games and wish to impose your preferences on a game that is based on a very different set of motivators.


I never worried about my score. Turned out that made me profitable. Having fun and playing the game did that for me.


Many players, don’t even have sisi set up and its not always easy to convince half a dozen others to do it. You are also entirely dependend on other players being online and able to help you, having the time to help you, having the skills and knowledge to actually teach you something and having the will to do it right now.
Also anything that could be solved on TQ is better than telling players to leave TQ and log on to another server.

I am not sure what exactly his vision is, but I always advocated for simple, repeatable NPC-training missions that teaches basic maneuvers. They should not be rewarded financially, except with some non-financial medal or “flight certificate” when completing them the first time. Smaller Corps could even use them as training program and they could come in different difficulties.

What Scenarios can be specifically trained (examples): Gatecrash, Slingshot, Defensive Webbing, Cloak-MWD, Cap Management, Heat management, Flight Maneuvers to increase applied damage or to reduce incoming damage … and probably more.

There could even be a community topic collecting useful input for designing these training missions.


The problem with this is, then you’re back to the issue of combat with NPCs not actually teaching you a lot about other players’ behavior in PvP, having to put resources into developing an AI for it etc.

The core of my concept is to have somewhere for other players to teach you or test fits with you without the worry of having to reship on every death. It’s meant as an intremediate step between the NPC-driven tutorials/NPE and full-on actual combat in the wild (which requires learning many additional skills). There is currently a huge learning curve spike between those experiences and I think a simulator like this might encourage some players genuinely interested in PVP and speed up their progress.

It’s just a side idea I threw in though, definitely not a way to usher in a “new golden age”.


It is not the goal of these training missions to teach anything about “player behavior”. It’s about basic mechanics and how to use them in a specific scenario. Jumping into a camped gate. Being tackled by a faster ship. Facing an opponent that has more raw DPS than you can tank.

You train new medics on dummies first, to teach them the basic principles of how a reanimation for example works, and to let them do just these basics a many times if nessessary without throwing them into a real emergency situation. Of course all of these situations they will experience later will be different and they will have to adapt, but the basic principles stay the same.

Same for basic combat maneuvers like a slingshot. If they can learn how to do it on a fast NPC frig that is just programmed to keep its distance and a point, they can at least do it successfully on a bad player. (The Worm-Burner for example is a nice example of a NPC scenario were a slingshot is very effective).
They will probably fail on a good player, or one with a pimped setup. But they know how it should have worked in principle and can now use this basic knowledge to analyze why it didn’t in this certain scenario, and then become better.

Figure out what to do about the same issues that have drove players off for the last decade:

Nothing left to train.

Too much empty pointless space.

Nullsec lines don’t actually ever change we just kinda pretend they do.

Making isk is not fun. We have been able to tolerate it but less and less can tolerate it as time goes on, that being said it’s easier to tolerate if you got some sweet pvp to spend it on, problem is …

Pvp has had virtually no significant changes since a rebalancing 10 years or so ago.

There’s still no real reason to do faction warfare rather than just go be a number in null. In truth there’s no reason to ever be in low sec…

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Can’t argue that. I have all sub cap ships to max cep the ping pongs. Plus a few caps…

And they took away my playstyle to poke any of them.

This is a question we all have been looking for an answer to for that same amount of time. No one has an answer to that, that works so far. Sadly…

Again, sadly, there been no real reason to do fw except for a few.

(2) The WWII Gunner Who Actually Threw His Radio at a Japanese Plane - YouTube
How hard do you play eve?

Chk timestamp 12:55 and 31:25.

If I know I’m going down. I want to be able to throw pieces of my ship at my attacker in the hope I can damage them! :laughing:

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