What do you think would bring eve into a new golden age

I think this thread is showing signs of having run its course.

Who got assassinated by drifters and made you emperor?

Why don’t you want the game to improve?

That’s correct.


Ah well, I’m off then. I’ll take @Githany_Red with me, she doesn’t get a parachute.


I think giving me a Geri would bring about the next golden age, pretty please :frowning:

Some new Creative Director that has actually played the game, for more than 30 mins.

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SP wouldn’t be a problem if it was more about performance than access.

The biggest barrier overall in the game is T2, especially T2 weapons, and I know this because this is always the thing that makes me go “ok I have to wait before I can flu with this guy” on my alts, so I can imagine it being quite detrimental to people who start.

If T2 weapons and modules were accessible as soon as you train the weapon to level 1, but then had to be trained to reach their full damage, you would have a lot more people flying. As long as they are Omega, CCP shouldn’t mind.

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Tier V purple instawin guns should be a quicker train!

Just so you know, I’m not going to bother much with you, your post history is apparently clear. All I can say is that all of your advices would be the fastest way to kill the game, but I guess your class of no-lifers would enjoy playing it among your hardcore selves until the servers shut down.

Anyway, :wave:

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Just so you know, you are whining.

Anyways :wave:

That would make no sense, as you’d then get an overlap of T1 and T2 skills where T1 modules actually gave you better DPS, etc, than T2. Which would defeat the whole object of making that change.

Although many ships and modules are beyond the skills of noobs…a noob can actually be flying around in a 400 DPS, 55K EHP, Gnosis within 12 days of joining Eve. Its the first ship I buy all my alts.

Remove War headquarters and structure requirements. Make war eligable any corp above 20 characters.


Yeah, that will happen.

I’m pretty sure the CSM is pushing for the removal of wars pretty hard as is, because null blocs moving their RMT wealth through high-sec are the only viable targets these days.

CCP should just remove wars and make high-sec a PvP-free zone at this point.

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Then every group can just create a 1-man holding Corp, build all the structures they need and giving the main corps access to the structures for free. And nobody could ever touch the structures again. You should be able to see why this is a bad idea.

its ok for people avoiding pvp to exploit the mechanics as much as they want. imma go play a different game until things change. have fun o7

Can we have your stuff? :man_shrugging:

I vote for red “Make EvE Great Again” hats. I think that would do the trick

Fixed it for you

Allow covert cynos and bridging-to in hisec.

Revert the idiocy thats is wardecs now to what it was before Goonswarm dictated to CCP that they were immune, and back to when it only cost couch-cushion change for any player corp. to dec’ any other.

Basically revert everything CCP Seagull did to EVE in 2014-ish (IIRC?).