What does 0 accuracy falloff mean?

I have found some npc ships have 0 accuracy falloff. What happens to their accuracy after optimal range? I’m trying to find a range at which I should orbit them.

they should stop hitting.
Are they triglavian by any chance?

At it’s simplest: For Accuracy Falloff = 0, the ship’s weapons will do no damage beyond the Optimal Range.
So, if you have an NPC with a Optimal of 8km and Falloff of 0, then at 9km they can’t hit you.
I suspect you have found Triglavian NPCs - Disintegrators have that characteristic as well as ramping up damage as they cycle without interruption (trick: break the continual streaming of the damage to reset the ramp-up if you can)
Amarrian Energy Turrets can have very short falloffs, short enough that going beyond optimal range, even slightly, is a significant drop in performance. This is a real lesson for people used to projectile weapons where combat in falloff is more normal.

For a wider discussion of Turret Mechanics have a look at: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Turret_mechanics

In practice there’s more to managing incoming damage than “stay out of range” - for example:

  • Building a ship with an active tank (an armour repairer or shield booster) that can fix damage faster than you can receive it.
  • Do a lot of damage and rely on buffer: kill them before they can kill you.
  • Getting in close and orbiting at speed so the target can’t easily hit you - effective if you are a small fast ship taking on a larger opponent with slower tracking guns. Getting close can be a little squeaky!
  • Making sure that your signature radius stays low - the ability to hit and apply damage to a target is dependant on “how big you are”. Sig. radius is the measure of that effective size. Shield Extenders, Shield Rigs and active Micro Warp Drives increase your signature.
  • Using some form of e-war to mess with their ability to hit you - Tracking Disruption (“TDs”) can very effective either to force the use of less effective long range ammunition, or to reduce the tracking speed to help with getting under the guns. Remote Sensor Damping (“damps”) to reduce targeting range and/or lock speeds - if they can’t target you they can’t fire turrets at you.

Mixing the method is not uncommon - small and close orbiting with an ability to repair the small amount of damage that still applies to you is quite common. Just “be out of range” isn’t always possible.

Oh, and if they are Triglavians be careful: they are rather fast - you may not be able to stay out of their range…


You guessed right

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