What does an Orca pilot get out of fleeting up?

what i also do, when i mine ICE I offer a “In Belt BuyBack” where I basically give the person I am boosting to send me over there ICE and then as an example if I can sell it to my Corp BuyBack for 400k a piece I will buy it of them for 350k, I know this is quite an undercut but I basically haul and boost them and so both of us make more money, this does require some stating capital but with this method I have been able to make 100mil with like 4 people in less than two hours which as a Miner is a DREAM

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No wonder miners are always so depressing is this actually the kind of isk/hr people are getting?

I whipped out a Porpoise for the first time today and offered some free mining boosts in Heimatar in a couple systems. It’s surprising how many people refuse them despite me sitting right next to them in the same belt, my boosts going off all around them. I only wound up having one taker, and we had a good time.

Two and half hours, two skiffs, two Procurers, one hauler, five alts 350M ISK.

ISK per hour boasts in Eve seems to exclude: buying the ship fitting the ship, flying two hours, sorting out loot, taking loot to market,…


That really seems like a lot of work for 28 mil/hr per toon.

Taking the entire amount of 140mil/hr your are essentially making the equivalent of $2.14/hr why are people doing this?

You could literally spend the same time running uber or grub hub or mowing some old folks lawn and turn your payment into several bill worth of isk.

Normally I don’t advise spending irl money on a game like this but you’re actually spending more money in opportunity cost by mining.


Blissful ignorance of the concept of opportunity cost is my guess.

Did you just equate this game with RL? Take a break.


No I compared two methods of getting isk and was perplexed as to why someone would choose one method over the other. Particularly when you add in the fact that you have to pay a subscription meaning you are literally paying to waist your time.

Unless the activity is what you enjoy doing but in that case the isk/hr is irrelevant.

Yes you did compare the game to RL. After converting isk to dollars followed up by a value statement, you construct a comparison. . The fact you don’t know or understand that intellectually or rhetorically, means you are excelling in a fantasy world and not so much in the other place.

How much are you making now while tripping and falling on your own sword? Don’t answer that question. I’m going back to Eve.

I don’t understand your hostility. I was just looking for an answer as to why it was more desirable to spend significantly more time doing one activity when another can achieve the same result in less time.

It reminds me of Dr Sheldon Cooper’s mortal enemy list.


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As a orca foreman of mining ops in wh and null, i receive %2.5 of the total dig up ores to cover the boosts and risking 2 b isk worth of orca.

Have fun, fly safe o7

The minerals I mine are FREE \o/ :smiley:

People are too scared in this game.

Spent 2 hours warping belt to belt in my porpoise, offering free mining boosts. Sitting with mining pilots in boost range. Firing my boosts, briefly dropping a can w/ a message as its name in case they were a newb and not paying attention to local. Spent time mining next to them with my drones.

A good deal didn’t respond (AFK), and the remainder of folks – newb and veteran alike warped off as my porpoise landed. Was kind of funny seeing them again later as I continued passing through the belts. A whopping 0% of people – from ventures to exhumers – took me up on the offer today. 0% responded, as if talking to me would give them the local venereal disease. They wouldn’t even say “no thanks”.

I understand why they’re scared, but it’s also really sad when I’m sitting there, stars aligned for them in an opportunity to go 20% faster, but no one responds.



Please show some pics how minerals are mined?

Yeah… If the only reason people mine is to make Isk then it’s a bad way of doing it. If you enjoy the mining, hanging out and whatnot then it’s totally fine.

I mean, if you’re only concerned with making Isk just don’t buy anything or fly anything, spend your time working and convert it all to Isk to sit in a pretty pile in your wallet? Does that sound like a good idea?

I wish i made enough to convert it to what you can make in game.

just because mining makes pennies doesn’t mean the rest is