What does the inscription on the Impairor mean?

Noticed something yesterday, about the Impairor.
It has something written on it, on the sides.

It’s very small:

That’s as big as I could get it on the screen.
It appears to say:

Donec viverra sodales
Donec Dapibus, Lorem Ut

Viverra Sodales Magna
Donec Dapibus Lorem Ut
Molestie Facilisis

But this doesn’t seem to mean anything, not using Google translate anyway.
Attempting translation of individual words finds things, that might mean something…
like, “donec viverra sodales”, is like “While ferrets (are?) companions”
“Donec Dapibus” is “until religious feasts” “Lorem Ut” means nothing. “Lorum” is a whip though, and “ut” has one meaning of “to and fro”
“Viverra sodales magna” = “while ferrets (are?) great friends”
“Molestie Facilisis” = “employees (are?) easy”

“While ferrets are companions until religious feasts whip them to and fro, while ferrets are great friends, employees are easy.” ?

“Ferrets are friendly until you feed them” ? “Ferrets are friendly, employees are tools” ?

What does it mean ??? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


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It’s the old “Lorem Ipsum” placeholder text that’s commonly used in desktop publishing. It means nothing.

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