What ever happened to the new Mining Gameplay prototypes?

Some number of Fanfests ago, there was a panel that showed off some prototypes around new gameplay systems. The hacking mini-game came out about this time. It seemed like CCP was experimenting with all sorts of new gameplay options with the rapid prototypes. I enjoyed the fact that CCP was trying out new things and systems.

But Lifeblood was this huge resource expansion and I was half-expecting a new twist on core mining gameplay. Have there been any other announcements, or unofficial discussions that have said one way or another if they plan on coming back to this? Are there any plans on iterating on the actual play-cycle (scan, target, mine, repeat)?

I think they want it to stay this way.

But I would remove all fixed belts and move them to spawn mechanics, also would not ever place asteroids in a circle, like some kind of fairy ring. :joy:

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The circle thing always bothered me. Yes, they’re supposed to be belts, but not a belt around a random point in space. At best they should be arcs, but at the size asteroid belts are supposed to be you wouldn’t be able to see the curvature. I imagine they made them a ring to reduce travel times (as a player convenience). Still, it always struck me as weird.

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Quoting from another thread:

With the amount of normal ore in the moon chunks, and every moon being harvestable, I can see a day where Asteroid anoms and belts get removed from the game.

The belts used to be in nice clean easy arcs about 60-100k long and i could reach almost the the whole belt in 2 bookmarks and orca boost.

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