What every happend to the free

hi guys just poped in becouse i got one of those emails saying its eve’s 16th birthday…log in to get your gift…lmao why would i bother…i was in the game back in the good old days in beta, and played for over 10 years and each year if you had an account that was not subbed you could get in on a free week, but then things changed and you could no longer mine or run sites and sub your chars, in bulk i used to multi box 14 accounts and all that stopped becouse of the way plex went, what happend to the free week ? and to top that only a small discount for a full sub… on your bike eve there are a lot of other games out there now, you only have to look at the server population to see the game no longer growing it stale.


While the words appear to be English, the way you threw them at the wall defeats any attempt at using them for communication purposes.


Don’t just come here to rant; your so called “free week” where removed as part of the release of Alpha/Omega-clone states, with Alpha being the free version and yes they do have limited access to skills (total about 20.4m SP) that in turn also limits the ships they have access to. If you want to play for free you’ll have to live with the limitations that go with it, or support the game by subscribing one (or more) account(s), to this day it’s way cheaper just to run on subscription rather than buying PLEX with real money or not.

It’s true that EVE does not have the 65k-ish as it was at it’s prime; however I doubt very much that the number of active players have declined much, if at all.


Do you have enter keys in 2009?


It is changed to “alpha” account status, it is like a free to play with limitations but no limitation in time! If you are clever you can save up ingame ISK then play omega once in a while. The “NEW HOTMAIL ACCOUNT, GET ONE FREE WEEK OF EVE NOAW!” days are over. Also if you don’t have money for entertainment left you can still log in and play (with limitations on ships and modules)! You could also try to make friends ingame and let them help you. This is your first post, you can still redeem yourself.

I totally know how you feel, there other posters are just rude.

Before you leave again, because this game sucks, you should send me your stuff.

Are you serious?

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There’s a difference in being online and online (as in being active while online). Back when you’d see 65k characters online at peak times, it wasn’t all active players, while bots was being used back then but not to the extent as it is today (in my experience), I bet you half of all those characters where just logged in to manage the skill queue, which at that time was limited to 24H, so you can imagine how tedious of a chore it was to have to login every single day to check your queue, high multiplier skills helped a lot to mitigate this but you’d still have to keep a close eye on it.


65k is the PCU record, for an event where everybody and their dog logged in all of the accounts. 50k average is generous if you’re only measuring the best years.



With that kind of response no wonder why Eve sux :expressionless:

Agree 50K is generous. I seem to recall weekend peaks in 40K range

Product sure did sell faster then.

Yeah, that figure was a cherry pick covering 2008-2014, which were pretty much the peak years in terms of players logged on concurrently.

I was here 2009-2012 before I took my first of many breaks.

They were good times for sure.

I mean REALLY???

Is this a text modular CCP gave you to answer if this opinion appears?
Online is not online?


What an excuse and relativization flooded text…

We at CCP do not care(as seen in the briscal plot),we do what we want…

Boy oh boy…this is bad…really bad…

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :popcorn:


Do you think Steve Jobs would get on stage at the apple press release and say “Yeah, our products are over-priced, poor quality and we try to screw our customers as much as possible. With other companies, if your phone is simply in need of a new battery, you would go there, buy the battery at a reasonable price, dissasemble your phone by yourself with simple tools that anyone has, and that would be that. Here at Apple, we believe in being anti-consumer. We will charge you outrageous prices, and demand that we be the ones who install the battery, while charging you for what a 9 year old kid can do nowadays. We will quote you a price where buying a new phone would be cheaper. And if your phone lasts without any problems, we will make it a problem, by uploading a new firmware to your apple device that cripples your phone, and recommend you buy a new one, even though theres nothing wrong with the phone. Think different. Think worse. We certainly are.”

So… You played for over 10 years by logging in, once a year for a week?

Which is it? Were you subbing your chars, or were you trying to take advantage of a free week of playing EVE?

Oh I get it now.

You were trying to multibox 14 accounts for a week in order to get enough ISK to buy plex, and then sub one account for a month. And you would do this every year.

So you were trying to be the ultimate freeloader.

Yeah, bud, im pretty sure we werent losing anything by losing a player like you who logs in for 1 week out of an entire year just to play 1 account for one month.


Isn’t he dead?

Nah, it turns out he retired to the hollow earth to live out the rest of his life in his true form, a lizard person.

Oh wait, that’s the plot for Iron Sky 2, The Coming Race.

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Yes…exactly THIS is what i would expect if big companies would not be lead by greed alone…Giving customers FAIR prices and don’t fool them around like cows in an arena just because they think customers are and they can…

And yes my world would be a better one compared to the one we have.

Let me dream …