What games are LUMEN playing?

It has come to my attention that elements of LUMEN consisting of at least 3 capsuleer ships recently visited the ancient Takmahl temple complex in Aphi, and reportedly probed things with probes and other scientific doodadery and thingmajobs.

As New Edens greatest Sani Sabik capsuleer philosopher of the modern era and foremost expert on Takhmal archaeology, I am offended that I was not notified such that I could provide my extremely well informed opinion on whatever questions they may have had.

Furthermore, the site should not be probed willy nilly as the possibility exists of unwittingly releasing previously unknown technotheological horrors, such as live Takmahl religious enforcer cyborgs, which I have only known to be found as defunct skeletons.

Takmahl technology is dangerous enough even in the expert hands of myself, and well meaning amateurs could certainly find themselves in a spot of bother.

Thus I criticise this sort of occurrence, and hope LUMEN aren’t doing anything blasphemous in their secret shenaniganery.

Thus say I, Professor Valate.

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I’ve been playing Solaris, one of those holo-games where you control a fictional government in a simulated galaxy which you can then expand and conquer. My latest game involved sentient space-yeast spreading throughout the cluster and overwhelming all other civilizations with our phenomenal reproductive rate and ability to grow everywhere. I find games like this to be an interesting diversion and they are a healthy way to work out certain social tendencies. Not sure what the rest of the alliance is playing, but I hope this answers whatever your question was.


I’ve been playing Holy Crusaders IV: The Athran Era, a classic Amarrian roleplaying game recounting the two-hundred year-long Athran Reclaiming, before the planet became known as Amarr Prime. I’m still nearish the beginning at the moment, just after the part where we first encounter the Khanid.

It’s honestly a brilliant game. I highly recommend it.


My daughters Stellarisse and Maria Daphiti are playing Space Combat VII: Stars Unknown. It’s a first person point of view space combat flight simulator where you play as an Archon carrier fighter pilot.


The answer is obvious: LUMEN is seeking the Ametat and Avetat.

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I can definitely recommend the Holy Crusaders series. Great stuff.


I don’t have time for games anymore, but when I was younger I used to enjoy Molok II, an adventure game where you must fight the Deceiver and his minions as one of a number of fantastical classes across multiple Acts. My favourite was the Paladin, equipped with the Powered Mace of Sanctity


A tactical war game that simulates some of the Great Amarrian Battles.

Amarrian Leader


Well they aren’t in Aphi. I could have told them that. If they were, I’d have found them. And if I found them, it’s not like I would have kept such a find quiet, is it ?

Gah’Matar and I have been playing Escape from Tararan, but I’m not any good at it… I never know what laser crystals are best to load.


Finding people to play with in that game is such a challenge!


I too have been enjoying “Holy Crusaders IV: The Athran Era”. My avatar just found a scepter that lets him declare anyone or anything as heretical, and then I get to use my +500 bonus against heresy on that entity with any of my combat-related skills.

I wouldn’t say it breaks the game, but it sure helps move combat along at a pleasing pace.


And so we see how LUMEN when asked to shine the light of enlightenment upon the darkness of ignorance, they instead choose to weave a dark web of obfuscation.

And yet, it will be me that Oveg Drust calls upon to advise the CONCORD Emergent Threats team when legions of Takmahl cyber skeletons start pouring out of a giant rip in the sky following ill advised probulations of things best left alone.

Saints give me patience.

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Do not underestimate the powers of LUMEN. Lunarisse Aspenstar comes from a long line of Ametat and Avetat seeking archeologists. She doubtless feels pressure to find the artifacts now, because we sedevacantists are predicting that the True Emperor will take up the Ametat and Avetat in his wars against the anti-Empress and the Minmatar.

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Maybe for the next-next holoreel Chastity could team up with Indregulle Jones to find artifacts! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I read somewhere that Heroes & Triglavians 2 is coming soon, spirits save us…


Dear professor Valate,

Please forgive me the delay in answering you, I was unable to do so earlier due to circumstances out of my control. Also please forgive the jests in good faith of my alliance friends. As you are probably aware, a well developed sense of humor is a common trait in members of LUMEN.

It was I who organised and led the exploratory expedition to the labyrinth and the Takmahl temple site in Aphi, after getting the permission of the Curator in Zimse.

Probably one of your stature does not remember a lowly scholar as myself, but I had the pleasure of discussing Takmahl history with you in December YC 122, in your apartments in the Ducia Foundry station in Munory. You most gracefully gave me a Takmahl statue then, one which I still cherish and which has continued to stimulate my interest in this ancient civilization.

You were the one who first pointed out the existence of the labyrinth to me, and who encouraged me to explore it. Between many other duties, I steadily worked towards this goal. I even worked as a trucker to raise my standings with the Empire! You’d think a cleric as myself would automatically get high standings but apparently capsuleers have to start at zero. Anyhow, with the help of my friends in LUMEN I was finally able to investigate this site around the turning of the year.

I took new footage and collected some artifacts, as the last reliable reports actually date from YC 117. Our sensors have much improved since then! And, I confess, I wanted to see this for myself. The most recent reports before mine - it goes without saying - are to be found in your seminal work, “History of the Takmahl”, that won many prizes. My own personal copy is almost falling apart from extensive use!

I do think I have several breakthroughs to report in the academic literature, following my expeditions. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of projects and questions related to the Takmahl that I am investigating. For this, I am planning further expeditions.

I would very much like to collaborate with you. However, given your affiliation, I first need to obtain permission from my local MIO liason officer and this has not been forthcoming. I will humbly inform you once I obtain this permission.

Yours in the pursuit of knowledge,
Kind regards,
Brother Theodosius Savnar.


I dunno, that doesn’t sound like you’re playing any games. Given the title of the thread, should that have been in off-topic, maybe? :slight_smile:

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I do not play Willy Nilly.
I do play Silly Buggers, but Madam Director has spoken to me about that.

As for shenaniganery, secret or otherwise:
How Dare You - I try to be respectable. Anyway, I lost the dice and the counters for it.



Of course I remember discussing the Takmahl history with you. Who could forget meeting such a charmingly open-minded scholar such as yourself ?

I am now much happier that proper archaeological methods would have been used, with appropriate safeguards against dangerous artifacts.

Perhaps you will be publishing a paper for Lunarisse’s next contest ? I would be most interested in reading such.

Good luck in any future expeditions, just remember to handle any electronic or cybernetic artifacts with extreme caution. Should you find any active devices, I’d strongly advise against connecting them to anything with wider network capability. Technotheological contamination is no laughing matter.

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