What Happened To Emerging Conduits?

Has anyone else seen an emerging conduit since chapter 3 started? I haven’t been able to find one anywhere.

I‘ve seen them … in the Invasion systems.

Is that the only place they exist now?

Yes, it is.

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The Emerging Conduits in the Invasion systems are not the same as they were, there are more, larger npc’s to contend with even before you add in the other players.

Half of those are competing with you to complete the site, the other half are trying to rep the npc’s to stop you from completing the site.

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Does this mean the roaming trigs that were attacking belt miners are gone too?

That was always a stupid feature that made it hard on new player miners who don’t have L4 mission alts to kill the rats.

As far as I have seen yes, those are now only in Invasion systems OR systems that have been Invasion systems that didn’t quite make it all the way, so called “Minor Victory” systems.

Also you can make friends with trigs now, by shooting EDENCOM. I got a standing boost of 0.001 after killing one EC elite frig, which was sufficient to switch trigs to neutral while keeping EC friendly too. Problem solved.

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They have emerged?

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