What happened to my Apocalypse?

Logged back in, after a seven or eight year absence, to find my Apocalypse has been turned into a laser boat…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Any idea why CCP did this? When did this happen?

Went with an Apocalypse for the two missile slots vs the Abaddon’s one, after becoming bored with laser-boating in Harbingers, and bought 2 Tech II Cruise launchers and added a laser rig, with plans to purchase 2 more, but it’s all for nought - I should be thankful I was saving up for 'em. I suppose I could find a buyer for just a ship and maybe the included rig…

Back then, I avoided the Armageddon, thinking it a poor man’s Apocalypse, but now it’s been upgraded to a missile boat/drone carrier with a larger cargo hold - perfect, as one of my cruisers is an Arbitrator. :smiley: Still need a replacement battlecruiser, so might go with a Navy Harbinger, despite it being a laser boat.

Since I’m an Amarran, I’m committed to lasers, but prefer variety, like swingers…:smirk:




The focus on the Armageddon shifted from a damage dealer into a E-War platform with bonuses to Neuts / Nos. It’s by far my favorit T1 battleship and extremly powerful, especially in small gangs and/or against all enemys that rely on their active tank (Marauders, Hyperion, etc.)

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