Armageddon Navy issue!

I am excited to see it be a better version of the T1 for the versatility and AMARRIAN style and will be fitting mine with cruise missiles and drones and probably work on getting a Abaddon fitted as my laser platform.
(cause gurisitas and gallente don’t know any style)

also can we get a navy Arbitrator?

Armageddon Navy Issue

  • Removed Bonus: 5% bonus to Large Energy Turret rate of fire
  • Removed Bonus: 10% reduction in Large Energy Turret activation cost
  • -1 high slot
  • -1 low slot from 8 to 7
  • +1 mid slot from 4 to 5
  • -2 Turret slots
  • +5 missile slots
  • Added Bonus: 10% bonus to Large Energy Turret, Heavy Missile, Cruise Missile and Torpedo damage
  • Added Bonus: 10% bonus to drone hitpoints and damage
  • Added Bonus: 10% bonus to Energy Nosferatu and Energy Neutralizer optimal range
  • Powergrid reduced from 17,500 MW to 16,000
  • Drone bay capacity increased from 200 to 275 m3

The Armageddon Navy Issue, once the king of damage, has long languished in the shadow of a crowded field of large laser armor battleships. With these changes we’re looking to pull it out and make it more unique by giving it highly flexible bonuses and a return of the energy neutralizer utility which makes its T1 variation so popular.

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