What happened with the Drifter invasion?

did ccp deleted them?

I think it was mission accomplished when they blew up local.


I saw some interesting kills on zkillboard. Drifters killing people in High, Low, and J-Space.

Not exactly new news though.


They got bored and left to play Star Citizen.
Sorry, couldn’t help it.



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And you came back to the forums just to post this? How very convincing.

And you replied

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Of course I replied, I still play the game and actively lurk on the forums.

So, I stopped playing star wars the old republic like 3 years ago. Guess what I dont do anymore? Go on their forums and get angry and whine.

Seems pretty likely they were just there to provide an in-character excuse for the local blackout.


OMG you have a negative opinion of my opinions. How will I ever recover?


Going to be pretty hard to play a game that doesn’t exist

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I doubt you ever will. You will cry to sleep every night for the rest of your short, miserable life. Every cookie will taste like ash, every beautiful woman will appear as a hideous beast to you. There is no turning back.


Must… resist… must … not… arrrrrrrgh!!

Your mother never was good at baking.

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so people investigated situation,
prepared ships,
spent money,
and drifters disappeared.

the same shity story about triglavians


As my mother used to say, better the cookies are done well than give you and everyone around food poisoning.

I guess your mother felt that it was better for your dad to try and pull out of the oven prematurely and poison everyones lives around you.

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What a good question.

goooood boy! /pet

oh god dont get me started on these singleplayer fake mmos, there are just way too many of em these days,… waaay to many!

every cookie?! :open_mouth:

they ware needed to save nc & pl from goons


Drifters ragequit after local was removed. Rumour has it the guy who runs them all unsubbed his 159 accounts.

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