What happens if i kill a pirates' pod

what happens do i get the criminal mark or do i get off spot free

Pirate as in npc, or another player?

Npcs dont have pods that we can obliterate.

Player pods youll get a killmark or your ship blown up by concord if you are in hisec

@Mindahouf_Davaham The only pirate pod I know of is during the set of missions called Cash for Capsuleers. You are sent to meet with a pirate boss and he invites you to join them.
You can obliterate his pod after blowing up his ship.
You won’t get marked as criminal.

If a pod is flashy you can kill it…no consequences. I’ve done so twice ( in highsec ) and it counts as a ‘kill’

Unfortunately it’s not a Kinder Egg.


Pirates (as in players with a sec status below -5) are free to engage, you can freely shoot their pods too.

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If it’s flashy you can shoot it without getting a flag. If it isn’t flashy, then you’ll get Concorded. (This is for players - npcs usually don’t have pods, there’s a few exceptions tho)

Player pods youll get a killmark

You don’t get killmarks for pods, but you will get a killmail.

Why does -5 standing give reason to attack? Do you support the blue concord SARO too?

because they killed antoher person

Best way to find out is give it a try. A smartbombing battleship works well, particularly in Jita

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