What happens to the pictures we upload?

(bbb2020) #1

This is not as much a feedback as it is a technical question, but i think it is important non the less.

When writing a post you can insert a picture. The insert picture (for some strange reason called “Upload”) box give you two options.

  1. Add an image from the web.
  2. Add an image from my device.

If I use the second option, where do the picture go?
Du you have a gigantic black hole server that stores them?
I can imagine, ten years from now, that has to be a ■■■■ load of data you have to store somewhere.

Do we have any access to the image we upload (that’s our own image)?
Do we have any rights to them (as in copyrights)?

What happens if someone else claim a copyright infringement on a image?
Who holds the ownership of an image postet on the forum? The poster or CCP?

If you regret, can you delete an Image (haven’t tried to do that yet)?

Anyone have some thoughts on this? Or answers maybe.
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(Sarmatiko) #2

I believe they are stored in Discourse Enterprise CDN (cdn-enterprise.discourse.org)
Images will be fine as long as Discourse are in the business and CCP pays the bills. Also Discourse engine itself allows CDN switching in settings IIRC, so they could move to another CDN if necessary.

(Nana Skalski) #3

Site not found. :joy:

(Sarmatiko) #4

Well its not a functioning site, it’s a CDN address. If you open your portrait image, you’ll see that it is hosted on this CDN.

(Nana Skalski) #5

How to see what is stored there?