What happens when....?

Hi, what will happens if the last man of a corp leave the corp and what happen with the strutures that are from the corp?

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IIRC you can’t close a corp owning a structure, so it has to keep a CEO.


The corp will get the (closed) status and can’t be used anymore.

ok and the structure? what happens with it?

It will run out of charges and shut down untill someone comes by and pops it. You can solo pop those as they have no defense fleet or anything. Great for your killboard!

EDIT: Answer below!

Here is the answer, I was right, corps can’t disband with structures in space:

Check under asset safety.


ok thx. an other question… last one^^ what happen when i will shoot with the citadels weapon in highsec on someone? will concord destroy the structure?

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Nope, structures are not following player rules. You can shoot already mutual legal targets like war targets, but they will not allow a criminal act nor create a limited engagement for the gunner.

Important, you can’t shoot at suspects (neutral logi) because of this. I’m not sure what happens if the gunner already has a limited engagement when climbing the gunner seat … I would expect you still can’t shoot, but would worth giving a test.

EDIT: those limitations don’t exist elsewhere, iirc it was said the restrictions are there to not create a mess with crimewatch rules.

EDIT2: another reason why the whole wardec and asset aggression mechanics need a complete overhaul.


that happen:
This corporation has structures deployed in space. You must decommission them before closing the corporation.

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