What I see as a potential issue with the new resists and mineral redistribution

I am sure I am going to get a bunch of crap for this post :slight_smile: I love this game and have been playing it for years and years. I think we can all agree that CCP has made it very easy to make massive amounts of isk in-game, mining on moons in highsec and blitzing through lvl 4 content. Clearly the wind has changed. Much less paying for plex with isk I think.

I think they should have over time reduced moon mining and maybe even written it into the triglavian lore. But what do I know, I am just a dude pretending to be another dude. I am just going to say it and have everybody pounce on me… If ccp is so worried about inflation and has to make all these holy huge changes then why the “F” do they give out so many skill points?
Couldn’t that be another reason the economy is where it’s at? Why it takes such a short time to get into a capital mining ship? Why a Tech III takes less than 1 month to get into now? Extractors and ejectors oh my. Doesn’t skill points effect the difficulty level of missions and the amounts of ore you mine more than resistance modules? For Bobs sake I watched a guy shoot his alts over and over again For nearly and hour just to collect skill points,it’s insane !

CCP, Sometimes you have to let a sandbox do what a sandbox is going to do. Removing sand and adding it back in again will not make the sandbox as popular as it once was… the kids have grown up.

To many sorcerers ! -Mordo To many newbro lvl 5 skills ! -enotsmirb


I’m not a fan of the SP giveaways. If the goal is to help new players establish themselves more quickly then increase the starting skills and hand out a standard cerebral accelerator (that only works during the first 30 days) during the tutorial.

On the economic side, less ISK injected into the game through bounties will make the ISK already in the game more valuable - we’ve already seen a 25% appreciation relative to PLEX. Personally, I’d like to see bounties replaced with “blue loot” or equivalent so all value from PVE comes from loot and salvage which needs to be transported to market and sold to players, or NPC’s in the case of blue loot, for ISK.

We’ve spent most of the past 5 years in an “irrational exuberance” economy. Eventually there needs to be a correction. That time is now. It’s likely the real world recession caused by the pandemic will be a lot worse than what CCP has planned for the game!

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That would be difficult, considering they were only introduced (in any meaningful scale or frequency) relatively recently.

Injectors have certainly played their part, but unless those SP giveaways have hopped in their time machine and popped on back to 2016 or so, no, they’re largely irrelevant.

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Injectors have allowed insta-training alts into rorquals and carriers, so yeah they’ve definitely played a part. But i suspect they provide a significant amount of income for ccp and sp give aways will inflate whatever statistics ccp want to push up.

Business over gameplay.

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I wonder if you were watching me. lol.

Anyway, the SP giveaways and skilling sprees are a drop in the bucket compared to skill injectors. And those aren’t going away because they’re a revenue stream for CCP.

Regardless, I don’t think injectors are actually the problem when it comes to the economy. I think they just speed up how quickly the consequences of actual problems are felt. For example, take the rorqual buff/capital proliferation thing. If injectors didn’t exist, the exact same thing would have still happened; it just would have taken us longer to get there.

Any post having such a phrase should be deleted automatically.


What I’m sure of is that you somehow seemed to believe the feedback thread wasn’t good enough for you and whatever it is that you wanted to say deserved its own separate thread… What does that tell you?


Why force PLEX sales slowly when you can force them immediately?


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