What if Asteroid Belt distributions worked like Planetary Interaction Does?

For Context:

CCP has stated that the have a goal of implementing resource scarcity

The changes implemented already are reducing the acquisition rates for minerals. this helps align with their first phase:
“1. The shortage phase”

In a healthy stable economy,
Resource Demand > Resource Supply

If CCP can figure out some way to get resources stockpiles to diminish faster than they are created, they should be able to achieve that and move onto their next phase:

“2. Redistribution Phase”
I read this section as dealing with how resources are distributed both in total volume and location.

/End Context

My prior MMO industry experience before EVE was Star Wars Galaxies

That game had a bunch of problems (namely everything in its combat system…) but the way it distributed resources was functional (and could be managed subtly by the developers) Essentially, most of the resources for (that game’s version of) Tech 1 items were acquired via a gameplay system very similar to how EVE does its Planetary Interaction.

It worked fairly well in that game and people don’t seem to complain much about PI distribution in this game.

Could the asteroid and moon mining systems function with shifting density types and distributions based on security rating (and maybe star type?)

As the analogy,
PI Planet = EVE region
PI extractor/command center = Refinery

Fleets would be frequently relocate to different systems looking for the highest density belts (edit: which change over time), and CCP could regulate the mineral supply with small adjustments to potential Asteroid belt density ranges.

The star element is probably completely pointless but right now its a game asset not actually being used for anything, seems like a waste to me.

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I always hoped that CCP would implement some kind of ion/plasma/gas collection from stars, varying with the star type. Like you said, stars are a “resource” that aren’t doing anything but just sitting there…

Have you seen the pictures of the Raravoss star? :astonished: It looks like someone has figured out how to mine them.

Something similar will arrive with dynamic distribution, most likely using random spawning anomalies - the mechanic for that already exists, currently providing highsec miners with lowsec ores like Jaspet, Hemorphite and Hedbergite. Lowsec miners can currently find anomalies with nullsec ores like Spodumain, Crokite and Dark Ochre.

CCP have been quite clear that they don’t want any region to be self sufficient and depletion will be part of the mechanic - You won’t be able to farm a known quantity of a given resource in the same location forever.

They could make the mining missions more relevant and use that to control mining.

Make the rock in belts much smaller and more distance between each making it not worth while for orca’ s and exhumers but worth it for single miners to mine there.

Move mining to mission sites where they have to be cleared of npcs first. Then depending on the lvl it will give you better quantities of ore but the npcs that spawn are tied to the lvl of mission your running. Lvl 4 has the possibility of battleships spawning and not those useless annoying frigates.
Then you would have no choice but to mine as a fleet with DPS and or reppers to keep everyone alive.

Possibly make system/constellation or region have quota’s to many mining missions completed you need to go find a new agent somewhere else.

Make it so people using the agency menu can see which regions have the most quota’s available.
And then gankers would know as well ,:grin: just to keep things spicey

Possibly make it a gated mission site that is locked to you or your fleet but make the gate hackable for a little bit of scanning content. You could scan it down and see who is inside but would need to hack it to get in. Would add a little bit of time to give active miners a shot at getting out but not enough to make it impossible to gank someone.

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