What if cloaking required cap but you could cloak any time you want, even within close proximity of something

Seems like this would solve AFK cloaking? Btw. why is cloaking a thing to begin with? How is it useful?

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AFK cloaking isn’t a real problem. This thread can be closed anytime.

While severely hampering active cloaking.

Do you dummies even think one bit about whether it’s a good idea to suggest changes to something you don’t have any clue about?

it’s required for the balance of powers.
cyno jammers prevent anything but covert cyno from dropping.

Without covert cynos krabbers could be 100% in peace ratting aligned.

Sure, let’s kill the Recons Ships which already are pretty bad at cap stability. Good idea…

And there is already a Thread for this.

Why does anything need to be solved?

Cloak has many, many uses. For example, I use on one my Mach all the time in ice anoms and sit there cloaked just outside of it waiting for some mining bot fleet to get set up, then I play space pinball with them. If I were just sitting there in my Mach uncloaked, they wouldn’t bother and just warp out, and that’s no fun. Can also sit there cloaked, or warp around cloaked in a covert ops from belt to belt picking out targets for gankers without the miners even knowing you are there.

You can also fit a cheap, crappy T1 cloak on an Orca in case you get bumped. Just engage the cloak and it will greatly reduce your speed. The crappier, the better. The worst ones reduce your max speed by 90%.

You can use cloaks as a hard brake too! it’s a bit tricky, but it works. i always have one on my BumpNado! Try it sometime! :smiley:

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